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Assignment: Clinical observation and personal analysis

Assignment: Clinical observation and personal analysis

Assignment: Clinical observation and personal analysis

Assignment Content

Observe a content area lesson taught in a secondary-level classroom. Focus on how reading and writing are integrated into content instruction.

Refer to the following questions to help guide your observation, and to help write your analysis:

1-How did the teacher engage or motivate students with an introduction to the lesson?

2-Were the objectives clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson? If so, how?

3-Did the teacher introduce and teach content-specific vocabulary words during the lesson? What strategy or approach was used?

4-Were any language supports provided for the whole class or for specific groups of students? If so, describe them.

5-How was reading integrated into the lesson?

6-What types of texts were used during the lesson? Were they authentic texts? Were any supports provided for ELL students or students reading below reading level? Were any supports provided for exceptional learners? If so, explain.


7-Was writing integrated into the lesson? If so, how?

8-Was any technology used during the lesson? If so, did it enhance or detract from the lesson?

9-What learning tasks were used to engage students in learning the content?

10-Did the teacher use an inquiry-based approach (student-led) or a teacher-led approach to the lesson? Do you think it was effective? Why or why not?

11-Did the teacher use interdisciplinary connections to help students analyze ideas from diverse perspectives and promote their learning of the content standards? If so, explain.

12-Did you see evidence of attention to local and global issues during the lesson? If so, describe how the teacher integrated this into the lesson.

13-Considering the lesson in its entirety, what would you do differently?

14-What was your greatest “takeaway” from the lesson? Write a 350-word analysis of your classroom observation.

Note: Your written analysis does not need to cover all of the questions listed.

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