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Assignment: Electronic Media Influence

Assignment: Electronic Media Influence

Assignment: Electronic Media Influence

Part 2

In Part 1, you selected an electronic medium and developed a visual timeline of its historical development as you examined the medium’s impact on human behavior and development.


In Part 2 of this Assignment, you apply theories or hypotheses (displacement, cultivation effects, modeling, and desensitization) about which you read this week to your selected electronic medium. You will further explore which theories or hypotheses best explain the aspects of human development you discussed in Part 1 of this Assignment.

To Prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the theory articles found in this week’s Learning Resources and consider the impact of digital technologies on human development
  • Search the Internet and the Walden Library to find at least two articles related to your selected electronic media’s development in Week 1
  • Reflect on the Visual Timeline and the paper you developed in Week 1

For this Part 2 of your Assignment:

Write an additional 1 to 2 pages to the paper you began in Week 1. Based on the information you assembled for your paper in Week 1:

  • Explain which media theories or hypotheses (displacement, cultivation effects, modeling, desensitization) you believe most directly impact the behaviors and human development you identified in Week 1 and why.

Assignment: Electron In Part 1, you selected an electronic medium and developed a visual timeline of its historical development as you examined the medium’s impact on human behavior and development.

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    Internet Milestone

    Milestone 1

    1965-Two computers at MIT Lincoln Lab communicate with each other via packet switching technology

    Milestone 2

    1968-First nodes were installed by UCLA’s measurement center, Stanford Research Institute, University of California-Santa Barbara and University of Utah.

    Milestone 3

    1972- Network email was developed by BBN’s Ray Tomlinson. The Internetworking Group develops to address need for establishing standard protocol

    Milestone 4

    1982- Transmission control protocol and internet protocol is developed as the protocol for ARPANET

    Milestone 5

    1992- The first audio and video are distributed over the internet and the phrase surfing the internet emerges.

    Milestone 6

    2004- The era of social networking emerges as Facebook is developed.

    Milestone 7

    2005- YouTube is established and the social news site Reddit emerges

    Milestone 8

    2006- Twitter is founded by Jack Dorsey

    Milestone 9

    2009- Internet celebrates the 40th anniversary

    Milestone 10

    2016- Google launches google assistance, and voice personnel assisted program.


    The use of internet in human life has greatly increased over the past two decades. The advancement in technology has enabled people to easily communicate globally regardless of the location of the individual. Internet has also enabled the users to shop online, in education, to work remotely and for financial transactions. Although the internet has proven to be beneficial it has negative impact to human life. Internet has greatly affected human behavior. The internet has resulted to individuals focusing on social media conversations. People hardly hang out together and spend most of their energy in social media tools. Usage of the internet has both internal and external impacts. The internal impact of the usage of the internet is psychological, emotional and personality problems. The external effects are the functionality of the internet user and problems that are linked to reduced activities. (Diomidous, et al 2016)

    Electronic media development and evolution has greatly affected my personal life. I greatly depend on electronic media tools to get information. I believe that these tools have made me to be more of an introvert and lose my communication skills. I normally find it challenging interacting with other people in a social settings. This is one of the negative impacts of electronic media development. The positive influence is that it has made me to increase my circle of friends.

    Development psychology is significant in understanding the way human learn, mature and adopt. Electronic media development and evolution will enhance development psychology profession. Through electronic media tools I will be able to obtain information about human development. Interaction with a number of people in electronic media will also help me to learn about human development. In general I believe that electronic media tools will be of great significance in my profession.


    Diomidous, M., Chardalias, K., Magita, A., Koutonias, P., Panagiotopoulou, P., & Mantas, J. (2016). Social and Psychological Effects of the Internet Use. Acta Informatica Medica24(1), 66–68.

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