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Assignment: Referral Information and the Interview Process

Assignment: Referral Information and the Interview Process

Assignment: Referral Information and the Interview Process

A court system refers a person who was found to be over the legal limit for drinking to Alcoholics Anonymous.

A doctor who has a patient exhibiting symptoms of methamphetamine addiction refers the patient to an addictions counselor.


A probation officer working with an individual who has a history of illegal gambling refers to the individual to an addictions professional specializing in gambling.

Referral is a central aspect of the addictions profession. Addictions professionals often both accept referrals and administer them. Few individuals truly begin therapy as a “blank slate.” Addictions professionals need to know how to integrate referral information into the interview to maximize interview time and to tailor the questions to the individual’s unique history and background of behaviors. Like any profession, the addictions profession uses certain terminology in assessments settings to describe observable behaviors, which also aids the integration of referral information for desired results.

In this Assignment, you review a case study that includes the type of information typical in a referral situation. You apply professional terminology to summarize client status and create interview questions.

To prepare:

Review the Learning Resources, including the following:

  • The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Chapter 5, “Assessment of the Patient”
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide
    • Chapter 4, “The Biopsychosocial Interview”
    • Appendix 6, “Sample Biopsychosocial Interview”
      Focus on the case study of Jane Roberts.
By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 4-page paper in which you do the following:

  • Based on the review of the Jane Roberts case study, in 1–3 paragraphs use professional terminology to describe the mental, physical, and behavioral characteristics of the client.
  • Create 10 interview questions integrating the referral information from the case study provided. Provide your rationale for your choice of questions.
  • attachment

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