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BIOL 1201 Research Paper: Lab Report Investigation – How does salinity affect Daphnia spp. survival?

BIOL 1201 Research Paper: Lab Report Investigation – How does salinity affect Daphnia spp. survival?

BIOL 1201 Research Paper: Lab Report Investigation – How does salinity affect Daphnia spp. survival?

Lab Report Investigation #3 (40 points): How does salinity affect Daphnia spp. survival?

Lab Report: Once you have completed your work, you will prepare a scientific paper (investigation report) that consists of four sections. Your report should answer these questions in 2-3 pages. This report must be typed and any diagrams, figures, or tables should be embedded into the document. Generally, your paper should not be more than 5 pages long with figures, tables and reference section included.

Title Abstract: Write a summary of the entire paper in one to two paragraphs.

A reviewer or reader should be able to understand the concept, the project completed, and know what your findings are and why.

Introduction and Citations: What concept were you investigating and how does it relate to the guiding question?

  • Use the background information you gained from reading papers and other outside sources.
  • This should include your question, and hypothesis/prediction (claim).
  • Specifically, how does environmental salinity affect Daphnia spp?
  • What is your hypothesis and why did you decide on that hypothesis?

You may need to look up more background information to help write this paper. You will need to use two primary sources (peer review scientific papers) for the background information.

You will need to cite them correctly throughout the introduction, and make a separate section at the end of the paper for citations. See examples on Blackboard.

Methods and Results: How did you go about your work and why? This needs to be in paragraph form, and not just listing each step. Write so someone else can follow the procedure.


  • How did you expose the Daphnia to different salinities and why did you use this method?
  • Describe the methods use for measuring mortality
  • How did you measure your dependent variable?


  • Include data table and figures. Include appropriate
  • Summarize your findings with proper citations for figures and

Discussion: What is your argument?

  • State your
  • Use your knowledge of the natural environment of Daphnia and information from the introduction to support your claim.
  • Use the data to support your
  • Discuss the validity and reliability of your data in answering the
  • Compare with other groups. Discuss reasons for


BIOL 1201 Research Paper Grading Rubric

  Excellent 5 pts  




2.5 pts




Poor 0


Title and Abstract

1.      Title is relevant and descriptive

2.      Abstract summarizes the experiment

3.      Includes the question to be answered by research

4.      Hypothesis is concisely stated

5.      Results are described briefly

6.      Conclusion is briefly stated.


1.      Includes question to be answered by research

2.      Background information is relevant to the question and is cited correctly.

3.     Hypothesis is testable and based on sound reasoning.

Material and Methods

A clear description of how the proposed research.


1.      Results and data are clearly recorded, organized so it is easy for the reader to see trends

2.      All appropriate labels and titles are included.


1.      Summarize the essential data used to draw conclusions.

2.      Conclusions follow data- not wild guesses or leaps of logic

3.      Discusses applications of research to real world

4.      Hypothesis is rejected or accepted based on the data


The data and observations are analyzed accurately,

trends are noted, and enough data was taken to establish a conclusion


1.      Minimum of two references are listed

2.      At least one references are primary sources (peer review journal).

3.      References are properly formatted

4.     Each reference is cited within the text


1.      Neat, organized with headings, few spelling/grammar errors.

2.     Proposal follows the format rules in the guidelines

Total possible points: 40 points          



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