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Case Study: Advanced Pathophysiology

Case Study: Advanced Pathophysiology

Case Study: Advanced Pathophysiology

· The role genetics plays in the disease.

· Why the patient is presenting with the specific symptoms described.

· The physiologic response to the stimulus presented in the scenario and why you think this response occurred.


· The cells that are involved in this process.

· How another characteristic (e.g., gender, genetics) would change your response

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    A 42-year-old man comes to clinic with chief complaint of pain, redness, and swelling of his right calf. He states that he had been working in his yard using a string trimmer when the trimmer slipped and cut his leg. He cleaned the wound with water from the garden hose and covered the wound with a large Band-Aid. Several days later, he developed fever to 100.6˚ F and chills and noticed that his leg was swollen and red. He comes to the emergency department for definitive care.

    Explain why you think the patient presented the symptoms described.

    The presenting symptoms of the patient in the given case are consistent with Wound infection. (Probably Staphylococci infection)


    Symptoms such as pain, redness, swelling and fever of 100.6 0 F are indicative of wound infection probably with Staphylococci.

    Why the patient presented with the symptoms described?

    · Wound due to string trimmer: Since, the client in the given case had a wound due to String trimmer which could harbor Staphylococcus aureus from soil or plant materials, it could be the source from which Staphylococcus aureus entered the wound

    · Improper washing of the wound immediately: Soon after the wound, the patient washed only with water from garden hose but not with soap or antiseptic. Contaminated water or hose could have served as source of infection to the wound and improper washing could have led to survival of the organism on the wound surface

    · Covering with large band-aid: Improper washing followed by covering with large band aid could have trapped the bacteria on the wound surface which progressed to wound infection. Since, Staphylococci are also present as skin flora, covering with band aid could have facilitated the growth of bacteria on the wound and resulted in infection

    Thus, all the above factors could have contributed to wound infection as evident from the redness, swelling, pain, chillsFever is due to the immune response towards the infection. This should be immediately treated with antibiotics which if otherwise can lead to complications such as Toxic Shock syndrome.


    · Wound should be cleaned and properly dressed with care

    · Antibiotics such as Pencillins or its derivatives. Vancomycin can be used in case of resistance or when the infection spreads.


    · The response accurately and thoroughly describes the patient symptoms. The response includes accurate, clear, and detailed reasons, with explanation for the symptoms supported by evidence and/or research, as appropriate, to support the explanation.

    · The response includes an accurate, complete, detailed, and specific analysis of the genes that may be associated with the development of the disease.

    · The response includes an accurate, complete, detailed, and specific explanation of the process of immunosuppression and the effect it has on body systems.

    · Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for flow, continuity, and clarity. A clear and comprehensive purpose statement, introduction, and conclusion are provided that delineate all required criteria.

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