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Critical Thinking Assignment 01

Critical Thinking Assignment 01

Critical Thinking Assignment 01

The purpose of the “Scientific Method” is to prove or disprove a hypothesis. In courses that are strictly scientific in nature, such as biology, the “Scientific Method” is used as a step-by-step process as an experiment. However, in a course such as critical thinking, we can still apply the scientific method to help us solve problems. Your assignment is to apply the scientific method by answering questions related to the case study.


Directions to complete assignment:
1- Read the case study
2- Click HERE to download the assignment 1 worksheet
3- Use the worksheet to respond to the questions.
4- Name and save the document as ‘LastnameFirstName.docx”-So John Smith would be “SmithJohn.docx (or.doc)

Case Study- Is Johnny Cheating?
Johnna is dating Johnny, and they have been living together for the past 6 months. Every Wednesday night Johnny stays out until 10pm. During that time, he does not answer Johnna’s text messages or phone calls. When he does come over he smells like a woman’s perfume. More recently during the weekends he says he is running errands and going shopping, but never comes home with any bags. Even though they are very much in love, Johnna thinks that Johnny is cheating on her.

Grading Criteria:
1. Answer each question in paragraph format.
2. Your answers must be written in complete sentences, without spelling or grammatical errors.
3. Your answers must be in your own words.
4. Use MS Word to complete this assignment.

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    HU2000 Week 1 Assignment Worksheet

    Your Name:

    Question 1: In your own words, describe the problem. What do you think Johnny is doing? (This is your hypothesis.)

    Question 2: What actions could you take to either prove, or disprove, your hypothesis?

    Question 3: Describe at least 2 ways to either prove or disprove the hypothesis.

    Question 4: What type of information would you need, and how would you collect information?

    Question 5: In your opinion, what kinds of issues do you think Johnna may face when interpreting the information?

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