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Human Growth and Development Mid-Term Exam Solutions

Human Growth and Development Mid-Term Exam Solutions

Human Growth and Development Mid-Term Exam Solutions

1. Theories

2. Dr. Fox believes that infants and preschoolers respond to the world in much the same way as adults do. This is consistent with the __________ view of development.

3. __________ explains why some children growing up in difficult circumstances thrive, while others are less successful.

4. __________ is considered the founder of the child study movement.

5. __________ is concerned with the adaptive, or survival, value of behavior and its evolutionary history.

6. Which of the following theories emphasizes one course of development?

7. The ability to examine relationships between early and later events and behaviors is a major strength of __________ design.

8. According to the lifespan perspective,

9. A __________ is a complex blend of genetic information that determines the species and influences unique characteristics.

10. Each of us is made up of trillions of units called

11. Generally, human __________ come in 23 matching pairs.

12. An estimated 20,000 to 25,000 __________ lie along the human chromosome.

13. __________ trigger chemical reactions throughout the body.

14. A(n) __________ contains only 23 chromosomes, half as many as a regular body cell.

15. Identical twins are created when

16. Fertilization usually takes place in the

17. The period of the zygote

18. The yolk sac

19. The __________ surrounds the amnion.

20. The mesoderm will become the

21. In the eighth month of pregnancy,

22. Small-for-date infants __________ than preterm infants.

23. Dr. Winchester’s research involves the organization and interpretation of what we see. Dr. Winchester studies.

24. The increase in cosleeping in Western nations over the past two decades is likely associated with

25. Which of the following statements about breastfeeding is true?

26. Recent evidence indicates

27. By focusing on the shift from a novelty preference to a familiarity preference, researchers can use habituation to assess

28. Which of the following is an example of a gross-motor skill?

29. Four-month-old Logan’s parents are tracking his motor development. Which of the following motor skills is Logan likely to have already achieved?

30. Piaget believed that infants and toddlers


Human Growth and Development Mid-Term Exam Solutions

31. Children use their current schemes to interpret the external world using a process known as

32. The sensorimotor stage is Piaget’s __________ period of development.

33. According to Piaget, organization takes place

34. Baby Olivia retrieves a stuffed sheep that her mother has hidden under a blanket. Olivia has begun to master

35. __________ is the simplest form of memory, whereas __________ involves remembering something not present.

36. Babies’ earliest emotional life consists of

37. The NICHD Study of Early Child Care confirms that

38. __________ promotes both parents’ sensitivity and involvement and children’s attachment security, but it is particularly important for fathers.

39. Dr. Thomas recognizes that the infant’s emotional tie to the caregiver is an evolved response that promotes survival. Dr. Thomas accepts the __________ theory of attachment.

40. Miu, who lives in Japan, received the highest grade in her history class and was presented with a ribbon. Her parents will probably encourage Miu to feel

41. The __________ attachment pattern is either highly stable or consistently predicts later insecurity of another type.

42. Sensitive caregiving is

43. As children internalize others’ expectations and make social comparisons, they

44. Jack and Carly have separated. They are now involved in a series of meetings with a trained professional aimed at reducing family conflict. Jack and Carly are participating in

45. Self-esteem takes on a __________ structure in the mid-elementary school years.

46. Which of the following statements about self-esteem is true?

47. Children with unrealistically high self-esteem are likely to

48. Children who believe that people’s personality traits are __________ rather than __________ readily form prejudices on the basis of limited information.

49. Which of the following statements about gender and identity is true?

50. In middle childhood, the __________ becomes an increasingly important context for development.

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