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Interview Psychology Assignment Paper

Interview Psychology Assignment Paper

Interview Psychology Assignment Paper

Identify two people or a caregiver (as in the case of an infant), who represent two different stages of the life span—ideally, two who do not identify with your own current stage of life span development—and set up an brief 15–20  minute interview with them for this assignment. For example, select an  adolescent and a senior in late adulthood, or the parent of a newborn  and a child in late childhood.


Conversationally interview these two people in order to compare what  you have learned here in class, through the textbook, lectures, and  videos, with their perception of what it is actually like to be in their  stage of life.

Interviews may be done via phone, Skype, email, etc. Take notes or record (with permission) your interview.

Below  are some suggestions for your conversation. You do not need to cover  all of these topics in your paper, but they will help you shape your  discussion. Be sure to note which topics you discuss.

PSYC 290 Interview Questions – Interview question file is attached

In your write up, tell us the gender, age, identified life stage of  development, and cultural identification(s) of the individuals you  interviewed. Be sure to maintain each individual’s privacy and  confidentiality when asked to do so. Summarize the topics you discussed  and share your interviewees’ responses (you may paraphrase and quote).

In your paper, after you have shared what the interviewees  discussed, share your thoughts on the process of talking with someone  about their place in the life span. Did you learn anything from your  conversations that you did not learn in the academic materials? How  accurate do you think psychologists have been in identifying and  classifying the different life stages? Explain.

  • Your paper should be 2–4 pages long not including the title and reference pages.
  • Be sure to include a brief introduction and a conclusion to your paper.
  • Use current APA Style throughout, include a title page, cite your  interviews parenthetically within the paper, and include a reference  page for any other resources you use, such as your text or course  materials.
  • attachment


    · Which life span period do they think they belong to (offer them the names, not the ages, of the life span). For example, ask, “Would you consider yourself to be a part of young adulthood or middle adulthood?” Ask them to explain why.

    · Tell them a little bit about the chronological life span they belong to and ask them if they can relate to the characteristics associated with that period.  Why or why not?

    · Point out specific facts or studies you learned about for their specific stage of the life span and ask them their thoughts. Do they agree or disagree? Do they have a similar experience they can share?

    · Explain nature versus nurture and ask them which one they feel influenced them most.

    · If appropriate to the life stage, ask if they ever experienced: midlife crisis, ageism, gender bias.

    · Show one of the videos and ask your interviewee what their thoughts are. Do they agree or disagree?

    · Ask them what advice they would give to someone entering their stage of the life span and explain why.

    · What challenges do they face at their life stage? Do they feel these challenges are common among others within the same life stage, or do they feel unique in these challenges?

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