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NR 101 Week 2 Discussion Latest

NR 101 Week 2 Discussion Latest

NR 101 Week 2 Discussion Latest

1) What new strategy did you learn from class or the online seminars?

2) What about it was useful? Why?

3) How will you utilize this strategy in the future?

4) How do you think your general education classes will differ from your nursing classes?

5) Have you used any of these strategies before? What about them worked? What about them did you have to change to fit your needs?


NR 101 Week 3 Discussion Latest

1. When taking care of patients why do you think it is important to utilize the appropriate resources?

2. How do you think evidence from nursing journals affects patient care?

3. What role does using the right evidence play in being a professional nurse?

4. What role does understanding plagiarism and academic integrity play in being a professional nurse?

NR 101 DeVry Week 4 Discussion Latest

Challenge of the week: Talk with a friend/family member who has known you for a long time and will be honest with you. Have them answer the following questions:

  1. What were your first impressions of me or what type of first impression do others have of me?
  2. What does my face look like when I think no one is looking?
  3. If you did not know me, based on my nonverbal communication would you approach me? Why or Why not?

After you have heard your answers write a reflection on what you learned making sure to answer the following questions:

  1. Did what I learned surprise me?
  2. Was it easy to ask these questions and listen to the answers?
  3. Based on this information what do I need to work on so that people see me as a professional in the work environment?

NR 101 DeVry Week 5 Discussion Latest

Research online and find a recent medical error that made the news (Each article must be different for each student).

Answer the following questions:

  1. What happened in the incident? (place a link to the article within your posting)
  2. Who was involved?
  3. What were the ramifications for the patient and/or staff?
  4. Reflect on the incident and think about some causes and possible interventions that could have prevented the error.
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