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NSG 3036 Week 1 Assignment 3 – Identifying a Research Area

NSG 3036 Week 1 Assignment 3 – Identifying a Research Area

NSG 3036 Week 1 Assignment 3 – Identifying a Research Area

Researched the South University Online Library and identified topic for research and appropriate articles to read and review on different areas of nursing.

Chose your specific articles and explained your choice based on the importance of the problem.

Justified the three research articles selected.

NSG 3036 Week 2 Assignment 2 Specifying the problem, Purpose and Hypothesis

Summarized the research articles.

Identified and described the problem for the article.

Identified the purpose statement for the article.

Identified the hypothesis and research question for each article.

Discussed each article’s significance to nursing.


NSG 3036 Week 3 Assignment 2 Sampling, Data Collection, and Checking for Validity and Applicability

Described the sample in the study chosen in W1 Assignment 3.

Described the sample characteristics (demographics) in the study.

Discussed the data collection process used in the study.

Identified the sampling design.

Described the instrument or tool or survey used in the article.

Summarized the discussion regarding the validity and reliability of the instrument.

NSG 3036 Week 5 Assignment 2 Critique of a Nursing Research Article

Identifies the research problem.

Identifies the research purpose.

Summarizes the review of literature.

Identifies the nursing framework.

Identifies the research questions and hypotheses.

Identifies the variables.

Identifies and discusses the appropriateness of the design.

Discusses the validity of the research.

Discusses the efficacy of the study and addresses if study question is resolved.


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