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NSG 6620 Week 9 Assignment 2: Practicum I Journal Entry 6

NSG 6620 Week 9 Assignment 2: Practicum I Journal Entry 6

NSG 6620 Week 9 Assignment 2: Practicum I Journal Entry 6

This is your sixth and final journal assignment.

Write a 300–500-word journal entry covering the following:

Identify two or three goals for this week that you have established for yourself related to Practicum I.

Review and reflect on how you met these goals this week.

Explain how you integrated two concepts or content areas from Week 9 into your practicum experience this week.


Identify your area of greatest learning this week.

Submit your journal entry to the Journal area by Tuesday, October 31, 2017.Name your journal entry SU_NSG6620_W9_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.

NSG 6620 Week 10 Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Zero-Based Operational FTE Budget

In Week 7, you began preparing a zero-based operational FTE budget draft for your nursing unit.This week, you will finalize your budget and submit your assignment in the format of a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Week 10 Tasks

Begin this assignment by incorporating the instructor’s feedback on the worksheet you submitted in Week 7.

Then, finalize your zero-based operational FTE budget, and ensure that it covers the following:

Identify and describe the selected nursing unit on which the zero-based operational FTE budget is performed. What is the type of service provided by the nursing unit (for example, fifteen-bed intensive care unit or twenty-bed oncology unit)?

Finalize the budget worksheet or spreadsheet with subcodes.Make sure to include the following:

Operating expenses with subcodes

Description of subcodes

Prior-year expenses of subcodes

Original budget allocations for subcodes

Annualized expense for subcodes

Budget adjustments for subcodes

Approved budget for subcodes

Personnel costs for one nursing unit

Use APA style and formatting for your assignment. Make sure to include a title and a reference section for the assignment.

Submit your budget in a Microsoft Excel worksheet to the W10: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Tuesday, November 7, 2017.Name your document SU_NSG6620_W10_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.xls

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