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NSG 6630 Week 1 Discussion 1

NSG 6630 Week 1 Discussion 1

NSG 6630 Week 1 Discussion 1

Discuss your chosen area of practice and how your choice of precepted sites and your preceptor will help prepare you to assume this role on graduation from South University.


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NSG 6630 Week 1 Project

Practicum II Journal Entry 1

In this course, you will write six journal entries .These journal entries are reflective exercises to facilitate academic learning and self-development as a nurse leader .Reflective journaling provides the opportunity to increase self-awareness as a nurse leader. The journal also offers you an opportunity to reflect on nonacademic components of the practicum experience, including emotions, decision making, critical thinking, and stress associated with the nurse leadership role .

There is no “right” or “wrong” in reflective journaling; however, the Practicum II Journal will create a link between the application of course concepts and the content of your specific practicum experience .Practicum journals may be written in first person . Practicum II Journal entries are graded assignments . They will not be viewed by or shared with other students, only with course instructors . Write a 300–500-word journal entry covering the following:

Where are you completing your Practicum II experience? Be certain to include the name, location, and contact information of the healthcare organization in which you are completing your practicum experience .

Identify your preceptor . Be certain to include the preceptor’s name, title, and contact information (including telephone number and e-mail address) .

Identify two or three goals for this week that you have established for yourself related to Practicum II .

Review and reflect on how you met these goals this week .

Explain how you integrated two concepts or content areas from Week 1 into your practicum experience this week .

Identify your area of greatest learning this week .

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