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NSG 6630 Week 3 Discussion

NSG 6630 Week 3 Discussion

NSG 6630 Week 3 Discussion

Describe what you perceive to be a major challenge for nurses who have not been exposed to or worked with evidence-based research.

Analyze evidence-based research related to nurse staffing patterns . For example, does having more staff always mean safer or more effective care? Give reasons for your answer.

From healthcare administrators’ perspective, evidence-based practice takes time and resources . They may not be willing to support nurses working on evidence-based research since this does not involve direct patient care . Describe at least two strategies you would use to be certain you engage administrators and obtain their support for this important work.


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NSG 6630 Week 2 Project

Week 2 Project Turnitin Originality Check enabled


This is your second out of six journal assignments in this course.

Write a 300–500-word journal entry covering the following:

Identify two or three goals for this week that you have established for yourself related to Practicum II .

Review and reflect on how you met these goals this week .

Explain how you integrated two concepts or content areas from Week 2 into your practicum experience this week .

Identify your area of greatest learning this week.

NSG 6630 Week 4 Discussion

As a nursing administrator, how will you prevent horizontal and vertical violence in nursing and healthcare?

Identify two strategies you would use as a nurse administrator to create a zero tolerance for horizontal or vertical violence.

Analyze what you believe are two reasons nurses do not report horizontal or vertical violence in healthcare organizations.

Determine what you believe are two linkages between horizontal or vertical violence and impacts on quality of care and patient safety.

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