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NSG 6630 Week 5 Project Help

NSG 6630 Week 5 Project Help

NSG 6630 Week 5 Project Help

Measuring and Improving Patient Outcomes—Part 2

In W3: Assignment, you began describing and analyzing the process of measuring and improving patient outcomes in your practicum setting .This week, you will build upon your work by continuing your analysis and conducting a SWOT analysis .You will submit your assignment in the format of a presentation .

Begin this assignment by incorporating the instructor’s feedback on the assignment you submitted in Week 3 .

Then, prepare a 8–10-slide PowerPoint presentation covering the following:

Present the information you described in W3: Assignment 2, including the following:

The measurements or outcome metrics being utilized in your practicum setting to gather and monitor patient satisfaction and patient outcomes data .

The current process of how, when, and by whom these data are collected .

The frequency with which the data are collected .

The process for sharing patient satisfaction and patient outcomes data with nurses, staff members, and other members of the healthcare delivery team .

Analyze the current status of the healthcare organization with respect to patient satisfaction and outcomes to date .

Conduct a SWOT analysis of the process followed by your practicum setting to measure and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes .Use the SWOT matrix to present your analysis .

Examine the role of the nurse leader in the structure, process, and outcome of gathering and monitoring patient satisfaction and patient outcomes data.


Use APA style and formatting for your assignment .Make sure to include the following in your presentation:

A title and a reference slide (these do not count toward the number of slides in your assignment)

Headings for each slide or section

Speaker notes in support of the information in each slide

Solution also available for:

NSG 6630 Week 7 Discussion

Identify one current challenge your healthcare organization is currently working on to improve access to care for all populations in your geographic region and community.

Examine the role of the nurse manager in health promotion and disease management for patients and clinical populations with issues related to access to care in your geographic region and community.

Analyze issues and challenges confronting your healthcare organization with regard to advocacy for patients, families, and populations with the Leading Health Indicators and access to care.

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