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Nursing 6040 – Introduction to Health Informatics

Nursing 6040 – Introduction to Health Informatics

Nursing 6040 – Introduction to Health Informatics [Formerly NURS 381A]

Health informatics is the management and transformation of health data into information and knowledge to improve aspects of health outcomes such as cost, quality, safety, and/or satisfaction. This survey course focuses on information systems in clinical settings and the use of information for health systems management. The recent emphasis on the National Health Information Infrastructure at the Federal level will be used to frame the topics.

Examples include organizing information pertinent to individual patient care, analyzing data to determine clinical effectiveness, retrieving needed information or knowledge at the point of care, using data to improve management of health care enterprises, and assessing the health patterns of populations and aggregates. Pre/corequisite: Basic competency in using word processing, electronic mail, bibliographic or library retrieval systems, presentation graphics, spreadsheets, and databases. These skills are not taught in the course, but students may be required to apply them to carry out course assignments. [3] Fall

6041 – Principles of Health Care Finance [Formerly NURS 385A]

In this course, students learn to apply accounting and economic principles, and financial management strategies to effectively manage health care resources in health care organizations. Students acquire the knowledge and skills to utilize computer software for conducting efficient financial analysis. [3] Spring


6045 – Professional Formation 1: Roles and Contexts for Advanced Nursing Practice

This course offers an introduction to the principles, concepts, and frameworks for advanced nursing practice. Students will integrate principles of evidence-based practice, quality and safety, leadership, ethics, policy, and role development. Students will identify the role of advanced nursing practice in the healthcare environment with emphasis on leadership in quality and safety as a part of interprofessional teams. [2] Fall

6055 – Professional Formation 2: Application of Evidence in Healthcare Environments This course is the second in a series of courses facilitating Professional Formation in the Advanced Nursing Practice role.Advanced Practice Nurse Assignment Papers. Students will develop skills to evaluate and synthesize supporting evidence and examine ethical dilemmas of implementation, to develop and articulate innovative solutions. Students will learn how to assess clinical processes, identify advanced nursing practice problems, and determine how to address problems.

Prerequisite: 6045. [3] Spring

6060 – Conceptualization and Integration of Evidence for Advanced Nursing Practice [Formerly NURS 399B]

This course provides the student with the opportunity to explore a relevant problem in advanced nursing practice. Concepts related to the selected problem are identified and critically appraised. Methodologies to generate evidence will be presented to examine knowledge related to the selected problem and make practice recommendations. This course builds upon prerequisite knowledge.

Prerequisite: 6050. [3] Summer

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