Guide to NUR 2058 Dimensions Of Nursing Final Exam

Guide to NUR 2058 Dimensions Of Nursing Final Exam

Guide to NUR 2058 Dimensions Of Nursing Final Exam

Chapter 1

Define evidence-based practice

Review difference between roles: position, job, occupation, profession, professional, and what professionalism is

Identify the traits that define a profession

Review how nursing compares with other professions

Review how students should use recourses like websites, journals

Review Nurses’ Code of Ethics

Do nurses have autonomy and independence of practice? Why or why not.

Determine the main method in which nurses can gain power in nursing

Chapter 2

Compare healthcare of ancient civilizations to healthcare today.

How has the focus, influences, and interventions changed?

Understand the influence of Hippocrates. How did he change medicine? How are his teachings relevant today?

Understand the influences of nursing through the centuries:


Review the symbols of nursing and what they stood for: lamp, cap, pin

Review the following individuals for their history and contribution to nursing: Nightingale, Robb, Ford, and Wald.

Chapter 4

Review the types of nursing education programs and the length of the programs

Review the primary purpose of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project?

Review the history of nursing education in the United States such as 1800s-1900s

Review the characteristics and differences between the nursing education programs (LPN, LVN and RN)

Review the three types of advanced nursing degrees (NP, CNS, etc.) and review which one is widely accepted by the public

Review higher education programs (BSN, MSN, and Doctorate programs). Know the key requirements for entry into these programs

Review the role and duties of a nurse in a case manager position

Review the importance of a therapeutic relationship between nurse and client and the significance and elements of relationship-centered nursing

Chapter 5

Review the following terms and be able to apply them:

Identify why establishing a professional organization defines the nursing profession.

Understand the reasons your state board may revoke a nursing license.

Identify the goals behind establishing the licensure of nurses.

Understand what the National League for Nurses does and what are the goals?

Understand the reasoning behind licensure; for example, who it is through and who is protected?

Chapter 14

Understand the health care levels and the various settings of services:

What are the responsibilities of nurses who work in Physicians’ Offices and General Clinics compared to other settings such as in hospitals, long term care facilities, so forth….?

Explain Prospective Payment System:

Define Medicare:

How do DRGs and Medicare relate to one another?

What is the difference between Palliative Care versus Hospice Care?

What is the main goal of the ACA?

Differ between Type 1 Health Care Systems compared to Type 4 Health Care Systems:

List the various Health Care Settings


Chapter 17

Define civility and incivility.

Where can civility and incivility occur?

What factors contribute to incivility?

What measures can be taken to minimize incivility on student learning?

Interpersonal relationships, what are they, where do they occur?

Define and understand Horizontal Violence?

Define and understand bullying?