BSC 2346 A & P Module 1 Quiz and Answers

BSC 2346 A & P Module 1 Quiz and Answers

BSC 2346 A & P Module 1 Quiz and Answers

Module 1 Quiz A & P

 1.Enzymes are what type of organic compound?

 2.What is not a primary function of a protein?

 3.Both positive and negative feedback loops help maintain homeostasis for the body?

 4.What choice is NOT true regarding cellular respiration?

 5.For a hypothesis to be valid, it must be testable?

 6.A positive feedback loop will negate or reverse a stimulus within the body?

 7.What term best describes the genetic allele make up of an individual?

 8.This type of tissue lines internal hollow organs and is continuously regenerating new cells that are scraped off?

 9.Which cellular organelle produces ATP, the body’s energy source?

 10.The plasma membrane is mainly composed of this organic compound?

 11.Which organic compound has the primary function of energy storage?

 12.Passive transport can only occur when there is a concentration gradient of low to high for a substance?


 13.Which statement best describes the term homeostasis?

 14. Autosomal recessive disorders will commonly affected individuals in each generation?

 15.This type of tissue is diverse and typically contains a lot of extracellular space that supports and connects different type of tissues and organs of body?