NRS 437V Week 3 DQ 2 – Hippocratic Oath and Nightingale Pledge

NRS 437V Week 3 DQ 2 – Hippocratic Oath and Nightingale Pledge

NRS 437V Week 3 DQ 2 – Hippocratic Oath and Nightingale Pledge

How do a nurse’s fundamental duties, as described by the Hippocratic Oath and Nightingale Pledge, influence a nurse’s practice and decision making?


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NRS 437V Week 4 assingment Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma (Part One)


Refer to the “Collaborative Learning Community: Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma” resource for the dilemmas and resources that will be used for this multi-part Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma assignment. Part ONE is an individual assignment that will also be used in Part TWO, the culminating paper.

For this individual assignment, interview a hospital administrator, a spiritual leader, a health care colleague, or a neighbor/friend.

In your interview, ask about the individual’s philosophy and worldview in relation to the ethical dilemma of your choosing, which was:

[[      Dilemma 3: Voluntary/Assisted Euthanasia

Confronting Death: Who Chooses? Who Controls? A Dialogue between Dax Cowart and Robert Burt

The Terry Schiavo Documentary ]]

Individually, you will need to interview all 4 (four) different individuals and perspectives to complete Part Three of the Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma assignment.

Make sure all roles are covered.

Craft a 250-500-word summary of the individual’s response, including the individual’s identified philosophy and worldview.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

NRS 437V Week 4 DQ 1

Does the principle of autonomy guarantee a person the right to do something that is harmful to oneself? To others? Explain your response with ethical rationale.

NRS 437V Week 4 DQ 2

What is the difference between beneficence and nonmaleficence? Give examples of each from your clinical practice.

NRS 437V Week 5 DQ 1

What is the ethical dilemma?

What is your value and ethical position related to the case? Include discussion of theory and principles on which your position is based.

What are some other alternatives for resolving the problem?

What are the possible consequences for those acceptable alternatives?

How would you prioritize the acceptable alternatives?

What is your plan of action?