NSG 6620 Week 8 Discussion 2: Decision Making

NSG 6620 Week 8 Discussion 2: Decision Making

NSG 6620 Week 8 Discussion 2: Decision Making

Decision making is a skill and a competency nurse leaders must use in every act, word, and deed. A decision involves making a choice between alternatives, and it really is an act of choosing the best plan of action given the information at hand at the time the decision is made. Nurse leaders must be decisive as a decision leads to a definitive plan of action. Some decisions must be taken immediately and others may allow a bit more time. An important concept to remember with respect to decision making is that not making a decision or taking any action is also a decision.

Considering this, nurse leaders must be attentive to every detail. For example, if there is no decision to honor the organizational policy regarding unacceptable behavior or action of an employee, the unacceptable behavior or action is then condoned or perceived as acceptable and may occur again. Nurse leaders’ decisions drive actions!

Using the readings for the week, the South University Online Library, and the Internet, respond to the following:

Describe the importance of making data-driven decisions.

Explain a decision your current or former nurse leader made and how this decision impacted the healthcare organization.

As a nurse leader, you have received information about an executive administrative decision from the board of trustees that you believe is likely to be unpopular.Formulate a plan to share this decision with the nursing staff.


Comment on the postings of at least two peers.