NSG 6630 Week 4 Discussion

NSG 6630 Week 4 Discussion

NSG 6630 Week 4 Discussion

As a nursing administrator, how will you prevent horizontal and vertical violence in nursing and healthcare?

Identify two strategies you would use as a nurse administrator to create a zero tolerance for horizontal or vertical violence.

Analyze what you believe are two reasons nurses do not report horizontal or vertical violence in healthcare organizations.

Determine what you believe are two linkages between horizontal or vertical violence and impacts on quality of care and patient safety.


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NSG 6630 Week 3 Project

Measuring and Improving Patient Outcomes—Part 1

As of October 2012, Medicare began paying hospitals based on their patient satisfaction scores, that is, how satisfied patients were with their care . One percent of payments are withheld from hospitals that did not score well; this one percent is then pooled and allocated as bonuses to hospitals with patient satisfaction scores that are above average on several measures .One of the roles of nurse executives is to be aware of how such healthcare policies impact their healthcare organizations .The purpose of this assignment is to describe the metrics used by the healthcare organization in which you are doing your Practicum II and how it is handling these issues .

This week, you will begin analyzing the process of measuring and improving patient outcomes in your practicum setting .You will build upon this assignment to conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis in Week 5 .This week’s assignment provides you the opportunity to self-assess and determine any issues or challenges that need to be resolved prior to completing and submitting the Week 5 assignment .

Week 3 Tasks

Begin this assignment by having a discussion with your mentor and other key stakeholders in the organization in which you are completing your Practicum II .

Then, write a 1–2-page paper covering the following:

Identify the measurements or outcome metrics being utilized in your practicum setting to gather and monitor patient satisfaction and patient outcomes data .

Describe the current process of how, when, and by whom these data are collected .

Describe the frequency with which the data are collected .

Describe the process for sharing patient satisfaction and patient outcomes data with nurses, staff members, and other members of the healthcare delivery team .