DNP 955 Topic 1: Course Completion and Progression Acknowledgement

DNP 955 Topic 1: Course Completion and Progression Acknowledgement

DNP 955 Topic 1: Course Completion and Progression Acknowledgement

The DNP Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project requires extensive Proposal-based work product in the relatively short course timeframe of DNP-955. Learners are required to exhibit a high level of completion for the milestone assignments in a timely manner throughout the course in order to be prepared to submit the Benchmark – DPI Project Proposal (Chapters 1-3 and Appendix A) assignment in Topic 8.

You will be required to submit your final proposal manuscript (Chapters 1-3) in Topic 8 drop box by the last day of class at midnight. You must submit this assignment in the form of a single Word document. There will be no extensions granted for this submission. Your submitted proposal will be sent to Academic Quality Review (AQR).

The AQR is performed by a qualified external reviewer that provides a formal scientific merit review and quality assurance check on the DPI Project Proposal. The AQR review will be returned to your chair. This will take approximately 7-10 business days. If this manuscript proposal is not submitted prior to due date, you will receive 0 points for that assignment and will not undergo AQR, you will also not progress to DNP-960.


You must:

  • Confirm your project meets the GCU DPI requirements that your project translates existing knowledge or guidelines into clinical practice to improve patient outcomes.
  • Ensure that your clinical questions are feasible with your population and clinical site and in alignment with your method, design, data collection, and data analysis.
  • Remove the scoring grids/rubric and previous embedded feedback from your proposal for the Topic 8 AQR submission.
  • Accurate grammar, APA and scholarly writing is required. Please note that your chairperson is not an editor. You will be responsible for ensuring your compliance with APA.
  • Remember that your manuscript will undergo several reviews from your chairperson, content expert, AQRs, department chairperson, and dean that will require multiple iterations. Please be open to feedback and incorporate the feedback into your manuscript to improve quality and rigor.

Looking ahead:

  • In DNP-960 you will be completing your IRB submission. You will need to have facility IRB approval (if your facility has an IRB) prior to submitting to GCU. If your project site does not have an IRB, you will be required to have site approval. GCU IRB submission is a stop-gap in the program. If you do not submit to GCU IRB within the prescribed timeframe of the DNP-960 course, you will receive a zero for Topic 3 assignment and you will not move forward to DNP-965. Please utilize all of the IRB submission resources available in DC Network and The IRB platform.
  • In DNP-960 or DNP-965, once you receive GCU IRB approval, you can start your project implementation. You should never be sitting idle while waiting for IRB approval. Please start writing your templates for Chapters 4 and 5 (without data until implementation with IRB approval).
  • In DNP-965, you will need to submit a final completed manuscript in Topic 5 to AQR. If you are unable to complete this submission, you will be required to take an extension course to finish your project or manuscript. In Topic 8, you will submit your final committee-approved manuscript for departmental review. You will have the opportunity for one iteration with the department until your manuscript is sent to the dean. If your manuscript is not deemed ready to be sent to the dean by the department, you will be required to take an extension course to continue to work with your chair. You will need to have a dean-approved manuscript, completed all courses with a passing grade, and 1,000 practice immersion hours to be eligible for graduation.


Complete the following statement in a Word document and submit it to your instructor by the end of Topic 1.

I, (INSERT NAME), verify that I have read, understand, and will comply with all requirements set forth for course completion and progression. I have reviewed the DPI Project requirements and am fully aware of my options if I am not able to successfully complete the required level of milestone development.