Assignment: nurses’ attitudes toward EBP

Assignment: nurses’ attitudes toward EBP

Assignment: nurses’ attitudes toward EBP

You are interested in nurses’ attitudes toward EBP. Which method do you think would work best to obtain this information: a questionnaire, a face-to-face interview, or a group interview? Defend your answer.


Solutions also available for NUR 504 Topic 4 Assignment:

Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Literature Search/Appraisal of Evidence

1) UseFigure 2.1, Evidence hierarchy pyramid, in the textbook as your guide for the levels of evidence in your reference list.

2) Locate case studies, relevant clinical articles written by experts, research articles,, evidence based guidelines and protocols and theory that may guide the identification of appropriate solutions. This can include the articles reviewed from topic 3. Note, not all theories will have research that allows them to have a level assigned to them. This does not mean they are not good theories.

3) Appraise the evidence using the guidelines provided on pages 37-40 in the textbook.

  1. Use these guidelines to discard references that are untrustworthy or irrelevant.
  2. Use Box 2.2 to help with this decision-making process.

4) Use the following to organize the evidence by commonalities and/or contrary findings:

  1. Chapter 5in the textbook provides information regarding how to synthesize the article findings.
  2. Use the EBP Project Evaluation tool located in resources to consolidate and present the findings

5) Record all communication in the CLC Forum.

NUR 504 Week 5 Discussions 1

Demographic data is collected for every study. What is the purpose of describing the demographic data?

NUR 504 Week 5 Discussions 2

There is a tendency for novice researchers to develop their own instrument if they cannot readily find one. How might you respond to a peer or manager who asks you to help develop a new tool to collect patient data on anxiety prior to cardiac catheterization?