NUR 504 Week 8 Discussion 1: Post your group’s CLC EBP project

NUR 504 Week 8 Discussion 1: Post your group’s CLC EBP project

NUR 504 Week 8 Discussion 1: Post your group’s CLC EBP project. Critically read two CLC EBP projects (other than your own). Name one barrier for each that could impact the implementation of the guideline in practice and how you would work through this issue.


NUR 504 Solutions also available for CLC:

Topic 5:

Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Literature Search/Appraisal of Evidence

1) Continue with the articles used inTopic 4.

2) Complete the Synthesis Table for the evidence and variables for the guideline.

  1. Limit the articles to no more than ten; two per student in the CLC group would be reasonable.
  2. A true proposal would require a comprehensive review of the literature and inclusion of all relevant works.

3) Record all communications in the CLC Forum.

Topic 6:

Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Develop Clinical Guideline and Implementation Plan

1) Initiate work on developing a guideline or protocol based on your search of the literature.

2) Consider how to implement the intervention to test the protocol.

3) Identify potential barriers and describe strategies to gain cooperation from individuals who will be implementing the change.

4) Record all communication in the CLC Forum.

Topic 7:

Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Development Guidelines and Implementation Plan

  1. Complete the protocol and write the plan to pilot the change in practice.
  2. The Clinical Guidelines should include the problem statement, EBP question, literature review, along with all the tables used to arrive at the conclusion (can be appendices), the clinical protocol, and the implementation plan.. There is no specific template for this guideline/assignment.
  3. The Implementation Plan for the protocol should include a timeline with criteria for evaluating the outcomes.
  4. Use APA style headings for each section with subheadings as appropriate.
  5. References should include all documents used for literature review along with sources used to guide the process.
  6. Record all communication in the CLC Forum.
  7. Submit the completed assignment to the instructor on the last day of Topic 7 and have one CLC member post the completed assignment all together in Topic 8 discussion forum.