NURS 5051-4 Assignment: Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Technology

NURS 5051-4 Assignment: Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Technology

NURS 5051-4 Assignment: Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Technology


Assignment: Application:

Using the Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum

Have you ever gone online to search for a journal article on a specific topic? It is amazing to see the large number of journals that are available in the health care field. When you view the library in its entirety, you are viewing untapped data. Until you actually research for your particular topic, there is little structure. Once you have narrowed it down, you have information and once you apply the information, you have knowledge. Eventually, after thoughtful research and diligent practice, you reach the level of wisdom—knowledge applied in meaningful ways.

Are there areas in your practice that you believe should be more fully explored? The central aims of nursing informatics are to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. This continuum represents the overarching structure of nursing informatics. In this Assignment, you develop a research question relevant to your practice area and relate how you would work through the progression from data to information, knowledge, and wisdom.

To prepare:

Review the information in Figure 6–2 in Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge.
Develop a clinical question related to your area of practice that you would like to explore.
Consider what you currently know about this topic. What additional information would you need to answer the question?

Using the continuum of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom (, determine how you would go about researching your question.

Explore the available databases in the Walden Library. Identify which of these databases you would use to find the information or data you need.

Once you have identified useful databases, how would you go about finding the most relevant articles and information?

Consider how you would extract the relevant information from the articles.

How would you take the information and organize it in a way that was useful? How could you take the step from simply having useful knowledge to gaining wisdom?

By Day 7 of Week 4

Write a 3- to 4-page paper that addresses the following:

Summarize the question you developed, and then relate how you would work through the four steps of the data, information, knowledge, wisdom continuum. Be specific.

Identify the databases and search words you would use.

Relate how you would take the information gleaned and turn it into useable knowledge.

Can informatics be used to gain wisdom? Describe how you would progress from simply having useful knowledge to the wisdom to make decisions about the information you have found during your database search.

Your paper must also include a title page, an introduction, a summary, and a reference page.



NURS 5051-4 Assignment: Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Technology


Nursing practice requires adequate knowledge on health related issues; competent nurses utilize a wide variety of both theoretical knowledge and evidence practices to deliver the best care services. With the ongoing changes within the health care sector, nurses require additional knowledge to stay competent in their practice (Carrington & Tiase, 2013). Acquiring relevant knowledge is a fundamental requirement that enables nurses to deliver effective care services.

The search for knowledge needs to be systematic following a specific process. The initial step is to identify the type of data to be searched and extracting information from credible sources. The other steps are about putting together the collected information to understand their relationship; this will result in appropriate application of the new knowledge, hence gives nurses the wisdom (Carrington & Tiase, 2013).


This research presents a detailed process how a nurse practitioner can gain new insight through researching and gathering relevant knowledge that can be applied in her practice. The research process is guided by a clinical question that determines the keywords for the research. The selected articles from the database offer additional information to be synthesized and analyzed to gain better insights on the research topic. The paper also explains how new information can be utilized and applied to attain wisdom.

Nursing informatics is helpful in managing data; the clinical research question is derived from relevant informatics. The next step of the research involves searching for knowledge from selecting databases to develop meaningful information, knowledge, and wisdom (Hill et al., 2014). A case study for my clinical question is a practical approach for generating the research topic research. In the case study, the patient is a male known as Erickson admitted complaining of high blood pressure combined with diabetes. Upon admission, the patient acquires two additional infections, urinary tract infection and nosocomial pneumonia while in the hospital.

Even though Mr. Erickson is cooperative because he takes his medication and maintains good standards of hygiene practices, he still acquires infection due to not keeping high levels of hygiene like regular hand-washing (Bravo et al., 2011).

According to the case study, the research question highlights the relationship between hygiene practices like regular hand washing and nosocomial infections. The initial process of the research is to identify the key problem that affects the patient followed by treatment plan and expected outcomes. The clinical question is to determine whether hygiene practices like hand washing correlates with the spread of nosocomial infections (Bravo et al., 2011).

Overview of my research objectives


Urinary tract infections and nosocomial infections

Expected intervention