NURS 8200 Assignment: Care of the Victim

NURS 8200 Assignment: Care of the Victim

NURS 8200 Assignment: Care of the Victim

Forensic Graduate Nursing Program
NURS 8200 Care of the Victim
Clinical Agency Suggestions:
District Attorney Prosecutors Office
Child Abuse Agency
SANE or SART facility
Domestic Violence Agency
Massachusetts (various states) Nurses Association (worked on policy for safe staffing ratios)
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (various states and various assignments)
Child Protective Services Unit
Human Trafficking Unit
Battered Women’s Shelter
At Risk Youth Program
Risk Management within hospital
School Nursing Program with Inner City Youth
Drug and Alcohol Counseling Program for Young Offenders

Preceptor qualifications:

Preceptor ideally should be an APRN, Psychologist, or MD.

However some of the agencies do not have nurses, psychologists or MDs on staff, so a minimum of
Bachelor’s prepared with some type of specialized training or certification that makes them an expert
in their field is required. The credentials of the preceptor in these cases will have to be approved by
the instructor, Professor Shulman. Student will be required to forward CV of preceptor to instructor/FSU to be approved prior to pursuing permission for clinical placement.




1. Email Preceptor resume to instructor, Professor Shulman, to obtain her ‘approval’ for the
Preceptor and the Clinical Agency.
2. Email signed and dated Preceptor Contract, Preceptor resume, preceptor title, email address and
phone number to Deborah Gifford. Deborah will obtain instructor’s signature.
3. Email Deborah Gifford the following information for the Clinical Contract:
 Clinical agency name, address, phone number
 Contact person (at agency) name, title, email address and phone number
4. It can take 4 – 12+ weeks to process the Clinical Agency Contacts.
5. You may not start your clinical experience until both FSU and the Clinical Agency administration
have signed the Clinical Agency Contract.

The contact person at FSU who is in charge of facilitation of the Clinical Agency Contracts is:
Deborah Gifford
Telephone Number: 978-665-3023
Fax number: 978-665-4501
If student sends a fax – please also send an email to indicating that a fax was
just sent.
The fax or email regarding the clinical placement should contain:
Student name
Student phone or email address
Course number, semester and instructor’s name