Nursing 5502 – Ethics in Nursing Practice

Nursing 5502 – Ethics in Nursing Practice

Nursing 5502 – Ethics in Nursing Practice [Formerly NURS 219]

This didactic and seminar course addresses basic ethical principles and special problems/issues as sources for ethical reflection. Ethical dilemmas in health care are discussed using professional and analytical methods of investigation. Students are expected to reflect on their personal values and beliefs, ethical principles, clinical experiences, and literature sources while engaging in all assignments. Prerequisite: 5401. [2] Spring

5505 – Health Assessment for the Registered Nurse [Formerly NURS 248]

This course is designed to provide the RN student the opportunity to learn and practice the skills of assessment in a classroom, laboratory setting, and then in a clinical area for a variety of client populations across the life span. The student’s specialty population will be considered in the choice of health care setting utilized for practice.

Prerequisite: 5303, 5402.

Corequisite: 5506. [3] Spring

5506 – Pharmacology for the Registered Nurse [Formerly NURS 259] This course extends and builds upon pharmacological knowledge from foundational pharmacology courses and pathophysiology courses. The focus of the course is the variations of drug therapy in complex situations. The course presents cases of complex drug regimens for analysis and evaluation by the student. Emphasis will be placed on pharmacological interventions to achieve safe and optimal patient outcomes in specific situations. [3] Spring

5515 – Providing Care at the Community Level [Formerly NURS 249] This course is an introduction to the scope and practice of family and community health nursing.Advanced Practice Nurse Assignment Papers. It emphasizes, through didactic and community practice, the promotion and maintenance of the health of diverse populations across the lifespan. The epidemiological process and the nursing process serve as the organizing framework for didactic content and clinical interventions to support family and community health. Social, cultural, economic, environmental, and ethical issues related to specific populations will be explored. Limited to RN students. Prerequisite: 5402; or with permission of instructor. [3] Spring

5598 – Independent Study – Non Clinical [Formerly NURS 251] Ind Study – Non Clinical [1-6]
5999. [Clinical Continuation] [Formerly NURS 3000]

MSN, post-master’s certificate, or DNP students enroll in this course to resolve an incomplete grade in a prior semester’s clinical course. Enrollment in the course is considered to carry at least half-time status. Tuition is charged at a flat rate of $200. Students may enroll in this course no more than twice. Offered as needed. [0] Fall, Spring, Summer


Specialty Nursing Courses and Electives

6010 – Advanced Pathophysiology [Formerly NURS 308]

This is a graduate level, advanced pathophysiology course designed to meet the educational needs of those pursuing certification as advanced practice nurses. The course builds on pre-acquired knowledge of normal human anatomy and physiology. Classic and current research findings form the basis for analysis of pathophysiologic processes and their effect on individual and multiple body systems. Students analyze the effect and progression of selected disease entities in diverse populations across the lifespan. The course provides a foundation for clinical assessment, diagnosis and management of clients experiencing alterations or risks of alterations in their health status. Pre/corequisite: Courses in normal human anatomy and physiology. [3] Fall, Spring

6011 – Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning [Formerly NURS 305A] This course is the foundational didactic course for advanced nursing practice. Students differentiate abnormal from normal findings using advanced assessment techniques, interpret diagnostic study results and use clinical reasoning to formulate diagnoses for culturally diverse individuals. Health promotion and disease prevention strategies are discussed.

Prerequisite: Admission to specialty and graduate level standing. [2] Fall