Nursing 6099 – Independent Study: Clinical

Nursing 6099 – Independent Study: Clinical

Nursing 6099 – Independent Study: Clinical [Formerly NURS 371]

A program of independent study in a selected area of nursing practice under the direction of a faculty sponsor. A contract is made between the student and the faculty sponsor, with copies for the student, the sponsor, the program director, and the student’s record. [Variable credit 1-6] Fall, Spring, Summer

6101 – Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning [Formerly NURS 305F]

Students differentiate abnormal from normal findings using advanced assessment techniques, interpret diagnostic study results, and use clinical reasoning to formulate diagnoses for culturally diverse adults and older adults. Students interpret data and problem solve utilizing case studies and surrogate patients. Health promotion and disease prevention strategies are discussed.

Prerequisite: Admission to specialty and graduate level standing. [3] Fall

6102 – Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology [Formerly NURS 306A]

This course provides in-depth discussion of complex physiologic and pathophysiologic concepts across the lifespan essential for advanced practice nursing of adult and geriatric patient populations in acute care settings. Physiology of each organ system is discussed from the cellular level to the function of organ systems. Emphasis is placed on integrating physiologic concepts to predict, evaluate, and manage pathologic processes.

Prerequisite: Courses in undergraduate level human anatomy and physiology. [4] Fall


6103 – Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics [Formerly NURS 307C]

This course builds on knowledge of the basic principles of pharmacology to establish a knowledge base for clinical judgments in the pharmacologic management and evaluation of adults and older adults as related to the role of Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioners. Drug interactions, incompatibilities, side effects, and contraindications are discussed. Appropriate patient education is integrated.

Pre/corequisite: 6102. [3] Fall

6105 – Advanced Health Assessment Applications for the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner [Formerly NURS 305B]

This course builds on knowledge of advanced health assessment with a focus on clients commonly seen in the acute care practice setting. Advanced health assessment skills include obtaining appropriate health histories and performing physical examinations on adult patients with complex problems in a variety of acute and chronic health care settings, as well as participating in direct patient care. In addition, the course emphasizes proper documentation of data obtained from the history and physical exams and the development of appropriate differential diagnoses, problem lists, and therapeutic plans of care.

Pre/corequisite: 6101, graduate-level standing, admission to the specialty. [1] Fall