SOCW 6210 Week 1 Discussions Latest

SOCW 6210 Week 1 Discussions Latest

SOCW 6210 Week 1 Discussions Latest

Discussion 1: Ungraded Introduction Video

As you think back on your learning in HSBE I, what concepts come to mind? Why do these ideas particularly resonate with you, and how might you be able to apply them in your future work as a social worker?

For this Discussion, you create a video to introduce yourself to your colleagues. Then, you reflect on your learning in HSBE I and consider what new learning you hope to obtain in HSBE II.

For this ungraded Discussion, record a 2- to 3-minute video introducing yourself to your colleagues. Your video should include:

  •        Your name
  •        Your geographic location
  •        A brief summary of your learning from the Human Behavior and the Social Environment I course
  •        Your expectations for this course; for example, topics and concepts you are hoping to learn about
  •        A brief personal perspective on how understanding the person and the environment relates to social work practice


Discussion 2: Resiliency

Do you ever feel trapped by circumstances that you sense you are powerless to change? As a social worker, you can anticipate having to regularly address clients who feel trapped in adverse circumstances and have no clear direction on how to improve their situations. How do you address the needs of such a client?

Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2016) define resiliency as “the ability of an individual, family, group, community, or organization to recover from adversity and resume functioning even when suffering serious trouble, confusion, or hardship” (p. 17-18). For this Discussion, you apply the concept of resiliency to the real life scenario of Talia Johnson.

To prepare for this Discussion, review the major concepts from your HSBE I course (Chapters 1–9 in Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman). Then, view the media about Talia Johnson’s visit with her social worker. As you reflect on the readings this week, imagine you are Talia Johnson’s social worker and consider how you might apply the concept of resiliency to Talia’s case. Also, consider how you might apply the concept of resiliencyto social work practice in general.

By Day 3

Post a Discussion that includes the following:

  •        An explanation about how you, as Talia’s social worker, might apply the concept of resiliency to Talia and her situation
  •        Examples from the case study of Talia and the resources to support your strategy
  •        An explanation of how you might apply the concept of resiliency to your social work practice