Walden NURS8200 Discussion Week 3

Walden NURS8200 Discussion Week 3

Walden NURS8200 Discussion Week 3

Review How to Search the Literature

1. Start with an introduction on how to search CINAHL Plus with Full Text for Peer Reviewed Articles

Video: Search CINAHL Plus with Full Text for Peer-Reviewed Articles

Search CINAHL for Peer Reviewed Articles


2. Next learn about how to limit to the higest levels of evidence in CINAHL

Video: Search CINAHL Plus with Full Text for Highest Levels of Evidence

Search CINAHL for Peer Reviewed Articles


3. Visit the Searching for Evidence Library Guide to learn more about Evidence Based Practice Research

CINAHL Filters for Evidence

CINAHL Plus with Full Text

Clinical Queries Filter (example)

The “Clinical Queries” limits in CINAHL can be used to filter for evidence. If you know that your inquiry is therapy based, prognosis driven or possibly a cause (etiology), then you can easily utlize those limits under clinical queries to limit your search. It is recommended to select all three of the category, sensitive, specific and balanced. (Hold down the ctrl key to select multiple fields)

Publication Types Filter (example)

“Publication Types” allow you to select specific article types to limit results. To filter for the highest levels of evidence, select Clinical Trial, Meta Analysis and Systematic Review. View the levels of evidence pyramid.

To limit to Randomized Control Trials in CINAHL, use the check box in the limit section. Note that you cannot use the publication type selection limit and the randomized control trials check box limit simultaneously.

Shortcut Filters in CINAHL (example)

The “Research Article” check box on the CINAHL Limit your results section page limits the search to research studies containing data collection, methodology, and Discussion of Results. These articles will have research as the publication type. This is an additional entry and will include results for research from qualitative studies to clinical trials. This limit will include Systematic Reviews. Add the “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals” check box limit for the added assurance that your results are from scholarly journals.

Additionally, there is a limit in CINAHL for Evidence-Based Practice. Using this limit will retrieve evidence such as systematic reviews, all types of clinical trials and meta analysis as well as some research articles and observational studies.