NURS 8410 Criminal Law Assignment – Fitchburg State University

NURS 8410 Criminal Law Assignment – Fitchburg State University

NURS 8410 Criminal Law Assignment – Fitchburg State University

Graduate and Continuing Education

NURS 8410 Criminal Law

Paper Guidelines

Spring 2018

Purpose of the Paper

The purpose of this paper is for the student to further his/her understanding of a selected area of criminal law. Students will select a topic in criminal law, and discuss the pertinent laws related to the topic.

Paper Timeframe:

1. The paper topic is due to the instructor on or before March 9, 2017.

2. The final paper is due on May 4, 2018.

3. Papers not submitted by 12 noon on the due date will be considered late. Late papers lose five points per day.


Paper Guidelines:

1. The paper grade will comprise 30 percent of the course grade.

2. A minimum of three sources are required for the paper. Two of the sources should be from legal journals; the third source may be any scholarly article which relates to your topic. All sources should be credible and no more than five years old. Your textbook may be used for background on your paper topic, but will not count as a source. Should you have questions about the acceptability of a source, please feel free to email me.

3. The paper must include:

a. an introduction to the topic and its place in criminal law

b. identification and discussion of key issues related to the topic, as discussed in the sources.

c. a brief discussion of how this topic relates to forensic nursing

d. a conclusion that summarizes the key points learned

4. The required style manual is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) (2009). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

5. The paper should be five pages in length, with equal attention given to each section. Please submit the paper electronically as an e-mail attachment in a Microsoft Word file.

6. The Academic Integrity Policy (Appendix A in the Graduate Nursing Student Handbook) is in effect for this course.