NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

Week 1 Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1

Review the major tenets of the HIMSS position paper Transforming Nursing Practice Through Technology and Informatics by clicking on the link here or in the required resources for this week. Contrast it to a healthcare setting familiar to you. Describe your organization’s status in regards to the position paper

Discussion Prompt 2

Nursing informatics is dynamic and continues to evolve over time. What information technology (e.g., bar coding, EHR, mobile devices) have you witnessed that positively affected and supported safe patient care? Share specific examples and explain why and how you feel they have supported patient safety.

Week 2 Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1

How is organizational culture and the SIPOC tool utilized in project planning? Describe the importance of understanding the strategic vision and alignment of the organization where the system change occurs and how this affects information technology implementation.

Discussion Prompt 2

State two major theories and models underpinning informatics and apply one of the theories to a clinical system problem in a healthcare organization. Justify your choice of this theory to the selected problem.

Week 3 Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1

Think about the Systems Life Cycle Scenario Activity you completed. Describe how clinical nurse experts assigned to an IT team selecting and implementing an EHR for a healthcare organization might address the issues of user experience and usability. Explain the importance of usability testing in the adoption of health information technology (HIT) and provide an example of HIT best practices.

Discussion Prompt 2

Select a usability questionnaire of your choice from the web link below, and measure your interaction with the newest HIT system or device in your clinical practice. Are you surprised by this usability score? Why or why not?


Week 4 Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1

Discuss an example of a project that did not have a clear problem statement, and include information on how the problem statement could have been more effective. (You can refer to projects that you have observed in committees and performance improvement projects if you do not have personal experience.)

Discussion Prompt 2

Identify policy and standards of a healthcare organization, and identify the governing licensing and accrediting bodies and their judicial relationship with that healthcare organization. Describe legitimate consequences and/or negative actions if these policies and standards are not accomplished by the healthcare organization. Remember to consider external licensing and accreditation organizations as well as the standing healthcare organization’s own internal policies.

Week 5 Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1

Discuss how to apply two of the identified EBP into the Requirements Phase II of your identified clinical IT problem. Create and share high-level project goals within the system life cycle using the SMART technique to develop them.

Discussion Prompt 2

Discuss how dashboards contribute to the success of good project management and how you will incorporate it into your current project. Note if it creates efficiency or redundancy in your actions and its overall effect on the project progress. NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

Week 6 Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1

Compare and contrast the scope statement and the statement of work.

Discussion Prompt 2

In regards to your chosen HIT project, what barriers do you anticipate the project manager will face trying to meet the requirements for the meaningful use stage? Bullet your responses and prioritize them in order of importance, explaining your rationale.

Week 7 Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1

After reviewing the required resources this week on quality measures, discuss a quality outcome measure that you could apply to your HIT project. Be specific on how you would determine the success or failure of the outcome with the implementation of the tool.

Discussion Prompt 2

Discuss the importance of a well-defined project timeline and the risks of not having a project timeline.

Week 8 Discussion

Discussion Prompt 1

Apply Rogers’ theory of innovation and discuss the role as a clinical leader with a strong user voice when new information technology systems evolve in your healthcare organization.

Discussion Prompt 2

Describe the benefits link between IT implementation and tangible and intangible benefits such as patient safety, cost savings, and time saved experienced by an organization with SLC projects. NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

Week 1 Assignment: Health Informatics Technology (HIT) Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to explore and present a summary of the literature on a selected successful health informatics technology (HIT) project that focuses on its application, trend, or issue influencing consumer, clinical, and public health informatics.


Perform an online literature search using the university library and/or Google Scholar to identify three or more scientific articles addressing a health informatics technology project that has been successfully completed/implemented.

Write a problem statement related to this healthcare informatics technology project.

In a three- to four-page paper, summarize the project/problem while integrating the evidence-based practices surrounding it.

Provide a list of references in current APA style.

When choosing your HIT project/problem to focus on this week, remember that you will use this same project/problem throughout the course for each upcoming weekly assignment. You will basically be hypothetically taking this project through all phases of a project charter as if you were acting as the project manager for its implementation at a facility. Make sure that you not only choose an HIT project that is meaningful and interesting to you, but one that you know has been successfully implemented already and has a substantial amount of research/data associated with it.

Week 2 Assignment: HIT Gap Analysis Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an issue or topic addressed through a critical gap analysis and further literature review within health informatics technology (HIT) .


Looking at the same literature/HIT project that you used last week to generate your HIT paper, define at least one major gap surrounding your informatics topic. Sources for this gap analysis may include the general media, online literature searches using the university library and/or Google Scholar, interviews of health practitioners, and interviews of the general public.

Summarize the gap(s) regarding this topic in an online presentation.

Use Kaltura to create the presentation. It should be between seven and ten narrated slides (including a reference slide) or an approximate equivalent for video.

Review the Getting Started with Kaltura link in your main menu if you need a refresher on using the tool.

Make sure to provide a list of references in current APA style. NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

Week 3 Assignment: Table and Summary of HIT Gaps

This assignment builds on assignments 1 and 2. The purpose is to synthesize critical gap analysis by proposing creative solutions for the health informatics/information technology issue.


Based on the literature review and major gap(s) identified in your HIT project for the first two assignments, propose a creative solution(s) that would resolve the gap(s) and ensure inclusion of evidenced based practices in the solution. Sources for a proposed solution(s) may include the general media, online literature searches using the university library and/or Google Scholar, interviews of health practitioners, developers, computer scientists, technology experts, and the general public.

Summarize the solution(s) regarding this topic in a table.

The information integrated from the literature will be presented via a tabular column similar to the one shown. Distinct columns will name the discovered gaps, state the evidence-based practice from the literature, and possible solutions based on this information.

You will also write a two-paragraph summary below the table stating important takeaways based on the table for your informatics project.

Provide a list of references in current APA style.

Identified gap EBP from the literature Possible solution. NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

Week 4 Assignment: A3 PM Tool

Creating an A3 will integrate your work from completed assignments in weeks 1 through 3. A3 serve as mechanisms to complete a root-cause analysis and scientific thinking related to your project, while also aligning the interests of stakeholders, users, and departments throughout the organization by encouraging productive dialogue and helping people learn from one another.


Based on your informatics problem statement identified in week 1, you will complete an A3. You will complete this assignment with the application of a structured A3 Problem Solving template. Access to free A3 templates can be found at the website listed below. Choose from the The PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) Tracking Form or the A3 Problem Solving Guide and accompanying template to complete your A3.

The A3 Problem Solving template lays out an entire plan in a dashboard visual.

It should be visual and extremely concise.

It should tell a story, laid out from upper left-hand side to lower right, which anyone can understand. NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

Week 5 Assignment: Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) Executive Dashboard

A WBS in project management builds on the A3 tool and is a deliverable-oriented breakdown of your project into smaller components. Specifically, it supports your key project deliverable that organizes your project scope and your team’s work to focus and develop the project schedule, resource requirements, and costs.


Create an executive dashboard utilizing your completed A3 with development of a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Based on the A3 tool completed in week 4, develop a WBS using PowerPoint.

Your WBS should reflect how you, the project manager, plan to manage the project.

Emphasis must be on meeting project objectives

The larger or more complex the project, the more levels in the WBS

If work is needed that requires effort or funding, it should be included in the WBS

It should reflect the total effort and scope of your project

Refer to your text: Martinelli and Milosevic, Project Management Toolbox, Chapter 5, Scope Planning and reference the required resources this week for guidance to build your WBS.

You should submit three separate documents for this week: Executive Dashboard, Work Breakdown Schedule, and PowerPoint Summary of WBS. NURS656 Full Course Work Latest


Week 6 Assignment: Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers (SIPOC) Mitigation Plan

In your informatics process improvement project, the SIPOC tool will summarize the inputs and outputs of one or more processes in table form. Specifically, the SIPOC identifies project risks and creates a mitigation plan for your identified informatics project.


Create a Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers (SIPOC) Mitigation Plan. The acronym SIPOC forms the columns of the table.

Incorporate three of the Learning Health Systems (LHS) core values into the Process, Outputs, and Customer column.

The LHS core values are described in your week 6 required resources.

Download the SIPOC Template at:


Week 7 Assignment: Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart is a scheduling tool that uses bars to represent project activities and to show when the project, and each activity within the project, starts and ends against a horizontal time scale. Having a Gantt chart ensures that your project participants have the necessary time allocated on their calendars and are available to perform their activities.


Based on your informatics problem statement identified in week 1:

Create a Gantt chart for your project plan using a template created in Excel. Make sure to include specific and appropriate performance outcome measures in your Gantt chart. Reference Chapter 6 in Martinelli and the required resources located in this week for guidance.

Separately summarize how the selected performance measure will assure proper measurement, data collection, monitoring, and analyzing in your project.

Create a PowerPoint presentation using four slides.

Slide 1: Introduction slide of the healthcare informatics project

Slide 2: Copy your Gantt chart (created in Excel) to a PowerPoint slide

Slide 3: Bulleted summary supporting your selection of Performance Measurements included in the Gantt chart

Slide 4: References

You will submit three separate documents this week: Executive Dashboard, Work Breakdown Schedule, and PowerPoint Summary of WBS, including Gantt Chart. NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

Week 8 Assignment: HIT Executive Summary and Video Presentation

The purpose of the executive summary is perhaps the most important section of your healthcare informatics project. It is usually the first section of a business plan that leadership will read, but it should be written last. A successful executive summary presents the highlights of your project and is an opportunity to support clinical and administrative safe processes.


Create an Executive Summary and Presentation of your HIT project. You will integrate and summarize the work that you have accomplished over the last seven weeks and present it via an executive summary and a Kaltura video.

Executive summary

Your written executive summary will be a maximum of three to four pages and completed in current APA format following the instructions outlined below.

Your executive summary needs to be consistent with the full business plan to secure facility leadership support for this informatics project.

You should include your:

Healthcare mission and vision statements

A brief sketch of your plans and goals

A quick look at your company and its organization

An outline of your strategy

Highlights of your gathered informationfrom all weeks of the course

The key to the executive summary is to pick out the best aspects of every part of your plan. Extract the essence of each key part and present a highlight reel of your business.

What is the informatics problem and how does it fit into your healthcare organization?

You will need to explain why your idea has merit and how it can solve a common problem by making things easier, faster, or cheaper for your healthcare organization. Be sure to include your problem statement in week 1, and integrate and summarize the gap analysis and gap solution in weeks 2 and 3 for this section. Include best practices applied from the literature. Demonstrate that there is a problem and why it needs to be addressed in reference to patient safety.

What did your collection of information with the A3 PM, WBS, and SIPOC tools reveal?

Include an image of one of the more relevant tools as an image in this section. Summarize the effects of these tools on the informatics project and be sure to include a focus on the user and current usability issues that are now present in the health information technology?

How much will it cost, and how much financing are you seeking?

Decide if this is an internal solution (using IT in the healthcare organization) or an external solution (buying software from a vendor). Provide a short explanation of how you will use any financing you seek.

What are the immediate and future recommendations?

The summary is the place to put your best foot forward to speak about immediate recommendations to leadership. Paint a realistic and factual portrait of a compelling opportunity for the healthcare organization and outline the risks inherent in it.


Create a Kaltura video introducing your informatics project to facility leadership following the outline from the executive summary above.

Your Kaltura video presentation should be a maximum of four to five minutes long, not to exceed 5 minutes.

Review the Getting Started with Kaltura link in your main menu if you need a refresher on using the tool.


Week 1 Quiz

Question 1 The project manager’s and nurse’s role are to diligently assess the healthcare system and consider how to improve its structure and processes to achieve:

Satisfying the requirements of the organization’s stakeholders

More favorable patient outcomes in an efficient and effective manner

New clinical practice guidelines

A promotion and substantial pay raise

Question 2 The three sciences that make up nursing informatics are:

Nursing, clinical, and computer sciences

Information, computer, and nursing sciences

Medical, information, and computer sciences

Engineer, nursing, and clinical science

Question 3 Which is the correct sequence of the informatics continuum?

Wisdom to data to knowledge to information

Data to information to knowledge to wisdom

Wisdom to data to information to knowledge

Knowledge to information to data to wisdom

Question 4 Six Sigma is a five-step program that supports quality improvement and outcomes in health care. Which is the first step?

Defining the project goals

Improving the process

Analyzing the current problems

Making a change and managing the new process

Measuring current processes

Question 5 Health information management includes:

Tools of computers, hardware, software, networking, programming, and data storage

Project management, teams, stakeholders, and timelines of different activities

Records, coding, documentation, policy, guidelines, administration, and compliance

Technology tools and information systems in a healthcare setting

Week 2 Quiz

Question 1 SIPOC is short for suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers and is used as a:

High-level process map

Project charter

Stakeholder notification tool

Goals Grid

Question 2 The PM toolbox: (Select all that apply.)

Is issued to all nurse project managers

Helps to establish and maintain alignment among business strategy, project strategy, and project execution outcomes

Increases efficiency of the project players

Provides the right information to support problem-solving and decision-making processes

Question 3 What are three major steps, each including several substeps, in constructing and adapting a PM toolbox for specific projects?

Secure a strategic alignment, customize the PM toolbox, and improve continuously

Secure the role of project manager, pick a team, and pick a project

Define, analyze, and measure the project goals

Complete the data to information to knowledge continuum

Question 4 One of the most prominent theories in management today is:





Question 5 The Goals Grid is a tool for:

Showing the quickest time possible for project completion

Users to analyze the system problem

Defining the system problem

Setting and clarifying goals

week 5 Quiz

Question 1

The acronym SWOT stands for:

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

System, workload, open source, time

Software, Wi-Fi strength, object oriented, tasks

Software, Windows, Open Tracker, three-tiered model

Question 2

High-level requirements

Actionable daily items

Vendor availability

Short-term goals

Question 3

The best use for Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) is:

Ensuring CDSS is separate from the CPOE (computerized physician order entry)

Creating information supported by evidence at the patient point of care

Creating an alert tip sheet

Generating a daily analysis of nursing workload

Question 4 Activating a specific response to the gap ensures:

Listing the gap on the project to-do list

Recognition and a choice to leave the gap or act on it

Specific organizational objectives and performance metrics are accomplished

Reducing or eliminating the project execution gap

Question 5 Which step addresses gaps found in project management?

Create a column chart

Perfective maintenance

Define specific action to respond to the gap

Align to the strategic goals

Week 6 Quiz

Question 1

During which phase should the project manager document the current process and any work-around used in the business process?





Question 2

Which definition below describes the gap analysis term “requirements elicitation”?

Comprehensive understanding of the project’s business need

Assessing, negotiating, and ensuring requirements are correct

Detailed document describing the specific requirements

Verify the project is meeting the stated requirements

Question 3 As a new project manager, you know that completing a comprehensive requirement collection will allow you to:

Identify stakeholders

Recognize the system dysfunction

Identify business needs

Identify unknown organizational resources

Question 4

Which usability tenet supports designing a usable healthcare information system that supports “the capacity to find, process, and understand basic health information”?

Digital Divide

Population Needs

Measure and Manage

Build community

Speak the Language

Question 5

Fix system boundaries:

Elicit a list of requirements from all users impacted by the project

Detail how the project relates to the current organizational processes including a well-defined project scope

Identify everyone who has a direct or influential connection to this project

Ensure an understanding of the issues with the current healthcare system

NURS656 Full Course Work Latest

Week 7 Quiz

Question 1 The critical path method diagram:

Captures all the project action items against the scheduled timeline

Efficiently captures time on a time sensitive and large scale project

Assesses action items and determines the best method to accomplish them

Writes the big goals into the project time line and notes project risk

Question 2 What is the most effective schedule development tool for capturing the relationship of action items to the timeline?

GANTT chart

Time-scaled diagram


Critical path method diagram

Question 3

The goal of scheduling during the early phase of project management seeks is to:

Monitor, control, and assess cost restrictions

Summarize the project, create project goals, and define the scope of the project

Track the project, determine personnel payments, and allocate resources

Allocate resources, monitor, control, and track the project

Question 4

By developing a project schedule, a project manager is planning the:

Outcomes of the project

Stakeholder management

Budget needs of the project

Time element of the project

Question 5

Which activity does the project manager use when controlling in a project? (Select all that apply.)







Week 8 Quiz

Question 1

Lack of goal achievement relative to patient safety and quality improvement often points to underlying EHR _______________issues.





Question 2

What action is best done during the active project phase of the stakeholder management plan?

Measure stakeholder goals at the end of the project

Turn key stakeholders into advocates for project success

Complete action items in a timely manner

Align key stakeholders to the goals of the project

Unsaved change Moving to the next question prevents changes to this answer.

Question 3

The critical stakeholder management documents include: (Select all that apply.)

Stakeholder management process

Roles and responsibility

Creating automated links with the CDC

Computer Decision Support System


Question 4

In which order does the stakeholder management plan occur?

Identify, strategize, use the plan, analyze, benefits

Analyze, identify, strategize, use the plan, benefits

Identify, analyze, strategize, use the plan, benefits

Benefits, strategize, analyze, use the plan, identify

Question 5

Which maintenance phase is the result of an urgent or emergency condition that needs immediate attention?