NURS656 Week 2 Assignment: HIT Gap Analysis Presentation

NURS656 Week 2 Assignment: HIT Gap Analysis Presentation

NURS656 Week 2 Assignment: HIT Gap Analysis Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an issue or topic addressed through a critical gap analysis and further literature review within health informatics technology (HIT) .


Looking at the same literature/HIT project that you used last week to generate your HIT paper, define at least one major gap surrounding your informatics topic. Sources for this gap analysis may include the general media, online literature searches using the university library and/or Google Scholar, interviews of health practitioners, and interviews of the general public.

Summarize the gap(s) regarding this topic in an online presentation.

Use Kaltura to create the presentation. It should be between seven and ten narrated slides (including a reference slide) or an approximate equivalent for video.

Review the Getting Started with Kaltura link in your main menu if you need a refresher on using the tool.

Make sure to provide a list of references in current APA style.


NURS656 Week 3 Assignment: Table and Summary of HIT Gaps

This assignment builds on assignments 1 and 2. The purpose is to synthesize critical gap analysis by proposing creative solutions for the health informatics/information technology issue.


Based on the literature review and major gap(s) identified in your HIT project for the first two assignments, propose a creative solution(s) that would resolve the gap(s) and ensure inclusion of evidenced based practices in the solution. Sources for a proposed solution(s) may include the general media, online literature searches using the university library and/or Google Scholar, interviews of health practitioners, developers, computer scientists, technology experts, and the general public.

Summarize the solution(s) regarding this topic in a table.

The information integrated from the literature will be presented via a tabular column similar to the one shown. Distinct columns will name the discovered gaps, state the evidence-based practice from the literature, and possible solutions based on this information.

You will also write a two-paragraph summary below the table stating important takeaways based on the table for your informatics project.

Provide a list of references in current APA style.

Identified gap EBP from the literature Possible solution.

NURS656 Week 4 Assignment: A3 PM Tool

Creating an A3 will integrate your work from completed assignments in weeks 1 through 3. A3 serve as mechanisms to complete a root-cause analysis and scientific thinking related to your project, while also aligning the interests of stakeholders, users, and departments throughout the organization by encouraging productive dialogue and helping people learn from one another.


Based on your informatics problem statement identified in week 1, you will complete an A3. You will complete this assignment with the application of a structured A3 Problem Solving template. Access to free A3 templates can be found at the website listed below. Choose from the The PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) Tracking Form or the A3 Problem Solving Guide and accompanying template to complete your A3.

The A3 Problem Solving template lays out an entire plan in a dashboard visual.

It should be visual and extremely concise.

It should tell a story, laid out from upper left-hand side to lower right, which anyone can understand.

NURS656 Week 5 Assignment: Work Breakdown Schedule WBS Executive Dashboard

A WBS in project management builds on the A3 tool and is a deliverable-oriented breakdown of your project into smaller components. Specifically, it supports your key project deliverable that organizes your project scope and your team’s work to focus and develop the project schedule, resource requirements, and costs.


Create an executive dashboard utilizing your completed A3 with development of a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Based on the A3 tool completed in week 4, develop a WBS using PowerPoint.

Your WBS should reflect how you, the project manager, plan to manage the project.

Emphasis must be on meeting project objectives

The larger or more complex the project, the more levels in the WBS

If work is needed that requires effort or funding, it should be included in the WBS

It should reflect the total effort and scope of your project

Refer to your text: Martinelli and Milosevic, Project Management Toolbox, Chapter 5, Scope Planning and reference the required resources this week for guidance to build your WBS.

You should submit three separate documents for this week: Executive Dashboard, Work Breakdown Schedule, and PowerPoint Summary of WBS.