NURS7700 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Proposal

NURS7700 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Proposal

NURS7700 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Proposal

Research Proposal

The topics must be a forensic nursing topic-domestic violence, sexual assault, children abuse, human trafficking etc

A research proposal must outline the purpose, specific research questions and methods (i.e., sampling, data collection and proposed data analysis) for a quantitative nursing research study on a topic of your choice.

Although your proposal may not have a completely developed literature review / background, it should contain a theoretical framework / theoretical rationale, a table of research relevant to the problem under study, and a summary of the research base including what gaps in the knowledge base the proposed study will fill.

The latest APA guidelines (6th edition, 2010) should be used when writing the proposal.

Use bullet format not full essay format. Phrases are okay in place of complete sentences. This is to show your idea not develop into a full document. This idea can be used to help plan your final project for the program. Maximum 10 pages in length excluding title page, references and literature tables. No abstract required. (Many students complete this in 8 or so pages).



I. Statement of the Problem, Research Questions, Hypotheses, Definitions, Assumptions & Limitations

1. State the broad focal area the proposal addresses.

2. Describe concisely and realistically:

a. Provide a PICO question (population, intervention, comparison, outcome)

b. Definitions: theoretical and operational. This can be completed as a table.

c. Assumptions

d. Limitations

II. Significance

1. State concisely the importance of the proposed project by clearly and succinctly explaining what impact the results of this project (i.e., the answer to the specific research questions) will have on knowledge in the field, other relevant research and on the scientific base of nursing practice; and

2. Specifically identify the gaps this research is intended to fill.

III Background (Relevant Review of Literature)

No complete literature review is required for this proposal.

1. Theoretical framework if one exists

2. Databases used to search; search terms used

3. Inclusion/exclusion criteria for the articles

4. Complete the table provided for 3 articles

IV. Research Methods

1. Specify the research design and procedures to be used to answer the research question(s) and/or test study hypotheses.

2. Describe the study population and describe procedures for selecting study participants (sample). Include an estimate of the proposed sample size with a specific rationale for the size, the characteristics of the sample, and inclusion and/or exclusion criteria.

3. Name the instruments that will be used to measure each study variable. How will each variable be operationalized? Each instrument must be briefly described and accompanying psychometrics must be specified and referenced from past research. Provide appropriate citations and references as needed.

4. Clearly describe the methods for data collection, including the method(s) for gaining access to the setting, what participants will be told and/or asked to do, and how attrition or non-participation will be handled.

5. Briefly specify how you will assure protection of human subjects in the proposed study.

6. Describe how data analysis will proceed to answer the research questions / test the study hypotheses. Include the specific statistical procedures and the reasons for their use in relation to the types of data anticipated.

7. Include a time frame for carrying out the data collection, data entry, analysis and interpretation, including preparation of the final research report.

V. References

Research Table (you will fill one of these out for each of the 3 articles chosen for your proposal)

Reference Hypothesis/variables Sample/how chosen/ justification of size Data collection methods/ Instruments used Overall outcomes/findings

Research Proposal Grading Rubric

Please note: the what to include section is not inclusive. Refer to the guidelines to insure you have included everything needed.

Section What to Include Points Earned
Broad area statement What area of forensic nursing does this address? 5
PICO Population, intervention, comparison, outcome

Provide the variables and/or concepts being investigated

Definitions Both theoretical and operational for any variables or concepts within your proposal 5
Assumptions Anything assumed about the subject that affects the research 5
Limitations Any limitations for this project (time, finances, sample size, etc) 5
Significance Why is this significant to nursing? To forensic nursing? 5
Gaps Are there gaps in our knowledge that this could address? How? 5
Framework Is there a theoretical framework? If so, what is it? Provide a model if available 5
Search info Databases, search terms, inclusion/exclusion criteria for articles 5
Table Provide 3 article charts (see provided sheet) 15
Design What design will you use to design your project? Why? 5
Population Who is the population? How will you recruit? Inclusion/exclusion criteria? Sample size and justification? 10
Instruments What instruments will you use to collect your data? How do you know they are reliable? Reference any prior research that utilized them 5
Data collection How will you collect the data? Who will? How often? What type of data? 5
Human rights How will you protect the rights of the subjects of your study? 5
Analysis How will you analyze your data? Will you use any stats software? 5
Time frame What is your time frame? When will you start getting your sample, move to data collection, go to analysis, determine findings? 5

Faculty reserve the right to deduct up to 10 pts for APA, grammar and formatting errors.