NR392 All Weeks Discussions latest

NR392 All Weeks Discussions latest

NR392 All Weeks Discussions latest

Week 1 Discussion: Defining a Quality Care Issue in Nursing

Think of an area of opportunity within your current or former clinical setting that is quality driven. Define (D) one nursing care issue (not a workforce issue such as staffing) from a current or former nursing workplace (or clinical setting) that could be impacted by improved quality. This nursing care issue should not be one that has already undergone a quality improvement process. Tell us details of this issue and how it this issue impacts nursing care quality at that facility.

Week 2 Discussion: DMAIC Process for a Real Life Issue

Why is it important to have a structured process to approach and improve nursing care quality? How can use of this structured process help to improve quality nursing care in your setting?

Week 3 Discussion: Quality Improvement Education

In your prelicensure nursing education program, what did you learn about quality improvement in nursing? How was quality improvement emphasized? As you consider nursing education today, what would you suggest be included in future education or orientation programs about the important topic of quality improvement in nursing?

Week 4 Discussion: Culture of Safety

How does your current or former clinical environment maintain a culture of safety? How are errors reported and managed to improve quality? What suggestions would you make as a nurse leader to improve the culture of safety?

Week 5 Discussion: Strategies for Interprofessional Collaboration to Promote Quality

This week as we focus on interprofessional collaboration to promote quality, please remember that professionals include dietitians, therapists (respiratory, physical, occupational, and speech), social workers/case managers, psychologists, physicians, pharmacists, and others. Professionals do not include patients, families, aides, or unlicensed assistive personnel.

Working as an interdisciplinary team helps promote positive patient outcomes. What strategies do you use to successfully work with other professions in your workplace to promote quality care? What strategies are not successful? What are the barriers to interprofessional collaboration, and how will you overcome these barriers?


Week 6 Discussion: Quality Improvement Using Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Consider a single nursing care issue at your facility where quality has already been improved by implementation of evidence. Answer the following:

How was evidence on that topic located in scholarly professional nursing journal articles and evaluated?

What was the implementation plan?

How was the improvement in quality measured after the implementation?

What do you suggest that would have improved this implementation and maintenance of improved quality?

Week 7 Discussion: The Role of Patients in Your Course Project Nursing Issue

Considering the nursing issue for your Course Project, address the following:

Provide a brief summary of your Course Project for the class.

What patient data is collected? What data do you want collected?

How will this actual and desired data help you to continue to improve quality on this nursing issue?

Week 8 Discussion: Reflection on AACN BSN Essential II

Quality is an overriding principle in the AACN BSN Essentials document. Essential II specifically describes the role of the baccalaureate nurse in quality improvement. As you complete this course, reflect on how you will implement lessons learned about quality improvement into your future nursing practice. Provide details about what you plan to do to improve quality in your current or ideal future professional nursing position. Think big!