NUR3516 Week 2 Discussiona 1 & 2 Latest

NUR3516 Week 2 Discussiona 1 & 2 Latest

NUR3516 Week 2 Discussiona 1 & 2 Latest


Read the case study on page 862 in Clark 6th edition* entitled Caring for a Client with Depression. Consider you are the nurse caring for Donna. Describe the type of crisis or crises Donna is experiencing. How might you assess her risk for suicide or harm to others such as her baby? What interventions might you implement in Donna’s plan of care? Who else might need to be involved in Donna’s care? Provide rationales for all responses.

*If you have Clark 5th edition, the case study is on page 926.


Describe the 4 stages for successful mourning.

What are some special needs of a parent who has lost a child to death?

Relate the assigned readings from the ANA Scope and Standards, and the ANA Code of Ethics to the needs of the parent and stages of mourning.


Week 2 Handout Assignment

NUR3516 Handout Assignment Guideline

DUE DATE: Sunday of Week 2

Summary: Patient handouts have been used by nurses for many years as a teaching tool. A good patient handout can be an effective teaching strategy for additional patient education. For this assignment, you will create a two-page only patient handout or brochure outlining specific criteria and based on your readings and literature searches.

Who you will What you will write about How you will write How you will evaluate and

write for support

Primary Topic: Crisis Intervention Format: Create your Write in your own words by

Audience: The Education assignment in a paraphrasing content from other

primary audience Microsoft Word sources and cite according to is the general For this assignment, you will document. There are APA standards. Citations can be population of create a two-page only patient templates you can use in a smaller font following any patients in your handout or brochure. Consider within Microsoft paraphrased content.

community. the use of variety, balance, text Word if you wish.

and images placed Save it in a location It is important to present your

Tone: This asymmetrically and with on your computer and ideas about the subject matter assignment is to simplicity. with a name that through your reflection and be written in follows this analysis. Present the information third person as it You will address all of the format: Last name, to your audience in terms they reflects your following criteria on your First name, can understand. Write as if you professional handout/brochure: NUR3516, Crisis are telling the information to the insight and

• Discuss the definition of a Brochure. person who is reading the research findings. “crisis” Organization: Your brochure.

• Describe how a crisis can be both an opportunity handout/brochure References: Include a minimum

Secondary and a danger should have a balance of three (3) references; one (1)

Audience: As

• Analyze how someone of informational being a nursing journal article your instructor, I becomes “crisis prone” content and images. (no more than 5 years old). Use will read and

• Provide suggestions for Images should not proper APA paraphrasing, in-evaluate how assistance constitute large text citations, and corresponding effectively you portions of your reference for all sources.

have addressed Consider your audience, handout/brochure.

your primary There should not be References should be found

varying cultures, and literacy

audience. large amounts of somewhere on the two pages.

levels as you create your white space nor DO NOT move to a third page.

brochure. The elderly may not should there be so Your references can be in a text be able to read typeface that is many things on it that box with smaller font.

Title: Crisis Intervention Patient Education Due Date: Sunday of Week 2

Audience: General Patient Population

Tone: Third Person

Format: APA Microsoft Word Handout or Brochure

Length: Two (2) pages ONLY

References: Minimum three (3) scholarly sources; One (1) being a current, nursing journal article

Assignment Rubric:

Criteria Allowed Points Comments

Points earned

Two-page ONLY handout/brochure 5


Covers all information completely.

Good sequencing of material with clear and concise content reflecting education of the general population.


Demonstrates synthesis, analysis, and evaluation of topic. Presented succinct and relevant information in consideration of a diverse population.


Handout/Brochure demonstrates good visual appeal. Graphics are appropriate for space and relate well

to message. Font is appropriate for population.


Minimum of 3 references (1 reference from a nursing peer reviewed journal within the last 5 years) included on the two pages and in APA format and style.


No spelling errors. Excellent grammar/spelling/punctuation.

Proper APA Format, Citations, and 5


Total points 100

To ensure that you get the most benefit from your BSN education and meet learning/program outcomes, this assignment is NOT optional. All students must complete the assignment in order to pass the course. Failure to submit the assignment will result in an F in the course regardless of the numeric grade without the assignment.