MSWPG 7107 Assignment: Social Work Practice With Children Young People And Families

MSWPG 7107 Assignment: Social Work Practice With Children Young People And Families

MSWPG 7107 Assignment: Social Work Practice With Children Young People And Families


This task assesses the students’ capacity to demonstrate an understanding of life course development and ecological systems as key theoretical frameworks  underpinning social work with children, young people and families.


Task specification:

Read the ‘Askin family’ case study and consider the presenting issue ‘Justin’s behavior’.

Drawing from literature on life course and ecological systems theories, discuss:

  • Factors that may be negatively impacting on Justin’s well-being
  • Strengths, resources and protective factors of the Askin family
  • Possible approaches to facilitating greater wellbeing and person: environment fit for Justin.

Sample Draft Solution:

Factors that negatively impacts the well-being of Justin

The case study has provided a detailed concept of the Askin family and has highlighted the problems that Justin faces. There are different types of factors that have currently led to the creation of different types of negative factors leading to the well being of Justin. The different factors are as follows;

  1. The first and the most important factor behind the negative impact of the well-being of Justin is the separation of Gill and Fred. The separation of the parents has caused a great impact in the mind of young Justin and he is quite upset with the sudden development. Justin is a Father’s boy and thus has greater affection towards his father. The separation of the parents has come as a shocker to Justin. Justin is not at all concerned about the sudden separation of the parents but rather he is more concerned about the sudden separation of his father from him. Instead of wanting his family to be reunited he badly wants his reunion with his father.
  2. Justin was denied by his mother to visit Fred in the initial months of their separation because of the sudden decision of Fred to end the relationship. The discontinuation of the meeting with Fred led to a negative result as because Justin developed a huge hatred for his mother while on the other hand suffered from a tremendous depression because of the decision of gill to not allow Justin and Fred meet each other.
  3. The separation of the parents has led to the stoppage of Justin from hanging out with his father which is one of his favorites. Justin enjoyed watching movies, having chips and drinks during such time which he has been missing for a long time. This has been one of the main factors that has caused problems for Justin and has led to the development of an aggressive behavior.
  4. One of the major factors behind the negative impact of Justin’s behavior is the separation of Fred and Gill. Similarly Fred’s settling down with Susie is totally disliked by Justin as because he hated Susie. The reasons behind his hatred towards Susie were not one but many in numbers. First of all Susie had the strange nature of accompanying Fred to everywhere he goes, this is also followed when Fred hanged out with Justin. Justin did not like her behavior in this case as he wanted Fred and him to be alone and hated her because of such stupidity. Justin also did not liked the behavior of Susie as he got frustrated when he had the feeling that Susie is not supportive towards his visits to his father.
  5. Another major reason behind the negative impact of Justin’s behavior is the hatred of Justin towards the school. Justin hates school and believes that the teacher’s thinks him to be a bully which is not true in most cases. He says that he is similarly often bullied in school which is overlooked by the teachers. This is the reason that he has stopped talking in school. Justin also adds that often in school he is occupied with the thoughts of his father, his separation from his father and the family and also footy. This makes him quite inattentive in the school and thus he fails to answer questions or fails to do things in the school which are laughed at by other students. This makes him more frustrated and thus leads to depression and anxiety.
  6. Another reason that can be attributed to the reason behind the negative impact of the behavior of Justin has been his much early enrollment into child care. Justin was admitted to child care at a much early age which severely affected his behavior. If he could have been under the watchful care of his parents for some more time, it could have been much better for him.

Strengths, Resources and protective factors of the Askin Family

There are some basic elements that are considered to be the resources and strengths of a family. The main developmental phase can be segregated into three different types;

  1. Child’s Developmental Needs
  2. Parenting Capacity
  3. Family and Environmental factors

Developmental Needs of the Child

Education Needs

  • Experiences of the success and the achievement of the individuals
  • There should be no concerns around cognitive development
  • Proper access to different books, toys, tools and many more as such
  • Acquiring a large range of different types of interests and skills

Health Needs

  • Staying physically and mentally healthy
  • Developmental Checks and different kinds of vaccinations and immunizations
  • Regular health checkups like body checkup and dental checkup
  • Speech and Language development in a phased and gradual manner
  • Checking appropriate height and weight

Identity Needs

Presence of a positive sense of own self and own abilities

Demonstration of the feelings of belongingness along with acceptance

The capability to express needs

Self-Care Skills

Rise in the level of competence in different types of skills involving practical and emotional purposes like feeding and dressing

Social Presentation

Maintenance of personal hygiene

Family and Social Relationships

Maintaining proper relationship with peers

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