Assignment: Pharmacology Case Analysis

Assignment: Pharmacology Case Analysis

Assignment: Pharmacology Case Analysis


1. What factors, if any, in the patient’s history would cause the nurse to question the order for acetaminophen?
2. At the emergency department, the nurse anticipates that the child will receive which medication?
3. Which behaviour would cause the nurse the most concern?


Sample Draft Solution:


Medication errors and disregard for contraindication has to be one of the most impactful further complicating factors and patient dissatisfaction (Antoine et al., 2013). This assignment will focus on pharmacological management issues and medication dosage selection, administration and contraindication protocol in nursing care taking the assistance of a case study.

Case analysis:

This case study the presence of patient of 46 year of age that had gone through fractured ankle and has been admitted to the post operative department after an internal fixation of the ankle. The past medical history of the patient exhibits alcoholic cirrhosis and also the fact that the patient is overweight at 30 lbs. It has to be mentioned that the patient along with being administered intravenous antibiotics is taking acetaminophen for reducing pain and fever. It has to be mentioned that acetaminophen despite being a common pain medication has a few side effects and contraindications, and in the case of the patient as well there are a few factors that needs to be addressed.

Case discussion:

1.Acetaminophen is common pain medications used and yet there are many complications associated with the medication. Overdose of this medication can lead to many liver complexities specifically acute hepatic diseases. Overdose of this medication mainly leads to hepatotoxicity and can even result in acute liver failure demanding transplantation or can even lead to death. According to the past medical history of the patient she already suffers with alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and any patient with the history of alcohol ingestion suffers from a highly elevated risk of hepatotoxicity due to acetaminophen administration (Jaeschke, McGill & Ramachandran, 2012). Hence her past history of alcoholic liver cirrhosis is the factors that may lead the nursing professional to question the order for acetaminophen instead of other pain medications.

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