HBD 2203 Assignment: Laser Principles and Safety

HBD 2203 Assignment: Laser Principles and Safety

HBD 2203 Assignment: Laser Principles and Safety


You are required to document, reflect on, and critically review key learning objectives from a series of lectures. You will be marked on; content, writing, research and referencing capability, paraphrasing, scientific and biological drawing accuracy and clarity, and presentation.

scientific and biological drawings where necessary. Feedback will be given where relevant.

  1. List 5 hazards associated with laser operation and give an example of each
  2. Using your knowledge of laser plume, research the likelihood of adverse effects resulting from laser plume inhalation and provide a brief report of your findings
  3. When working in the clinic the Lumenis LightSheer DUET malfunctions and misfires, resulting in thermal damage to the retina and subsequent blindness in your client’s left eye.

i.Who is delegated to write this report?

ii.Who needs to be notified of this incident occurring?

iii.Prepare a checklist which demonstrates the actions to be taken immediately after an incident of this nature has occurred

Weeks Nine, Ten and Eleven / 15 marks

  1. Draw a scientific illustration which represents the mandatory information that should be included on entryway signs to laser rooms housing a Class 4 1064nm Nd:YAG laser
  2. Design  a  Laser Safety Committee for  the  above  workplace,  outlining  the  roles  and  responsibilities of each member.


Sample Draft Solution:

Hazards associated with laser operation with example

The five laser operation hazards that has the potential to impose negative impact on the patients includes electrical hazards, explosion hazards, compressed gasses hazards, flammability hazards and hazards from laser generated air contaminants.

Hazard types Example
Electrical hazards Due to the usage of huge power supplies as well as repetitive pulsed laser, a great risk of electric shock is there. This shock usually takes place when the healthcare service users works with equipments that are not appropriately grounded or posses a huge capacitor bank that has not been discharged.
Explosion hazards Due to the usage of high-pressure arc lamps, filament lamps, and capacitor banks in laser equipment the second hazard takes place (Versteeg et al., 2015).  These items should be enclosed in housings that can endure the high pressure resulting from exploding of these components.
Compressed gasses hazards The third hazard, that is compressed gases occurs since several lasers are used that comprises hazardous gases like chlorine, fluorine, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen fluoride. Major example of this hazard includes free-standing cylinder handling process that are not separated from the operators. The inability to protect open cylinders from atmosphere and contaminants is the major constrain in this situation (Flemming, 2015).
Flammability hazards When it comes to fire hazards, there prevails a good chance for a fire hazard to happen with the class four lazar users. Fire accidents can takes place when a class four laser is enclosed in a matter, which is exposed to irradiances.
Hazards from laser generated air contaminants Finally, lazar generated air contaminants also known as cloud of contaminants bears potential hazard both for the healthcare service providers as well as healthcare service users. Some of the major example of air contaminants includes a range from metallic fumes and dust, chemical fumes, and aerosols containing biological contaminants (Versteeg et al., 2015).

Likelihood of adverse effects resulting from laser plume inhalation

Laser plume can bear the potential hazard to both healthcare service users as well as health care service providers. Direct exposure to laser plumes posses the potential to negetive impact on the health of the same. Other workplaces where laser plumes inhalation causes negative impact includes veterinary clinics, dental clinics, cosmetic treatment clinics, laboratories and others. More than 29 percent of lazar associated healthcare issues includes laser plumes issues.

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