MSWPG 7107 Assignment: Social Work With Children Young People and Families

MSWPG 7107 Assignment: Social Work With Children Young People and Families

MSWPG 7107 Assignment: Social Work With Children Young People and Families


Hypothetical Case Study “The Banks Family”

This task assesses the student’s ability to write a biopsychosocial assessment from a case study supplied, using a pre-developed biopsychosocial assessment format. The assessment will require a conceptual understanding of theories and frameworks related to work with children, young people and families, including an assessment of risk and protective factors.

Task specification:

Identify pertinent information from the ‘Banks family’ case study and use this to develop your biopsychosocial assessment (biopsychosocial assessment proforma will be provided). Identify any gaps in required information and provide examples of questions you may have asked in order to explore and gather further relevant information.


I am the generalist social worker based in a country town of 8,000 people. My agency is the local office of a large community based organization. I operate as part of a small team of 4 people providing general family services and services to young people and for those at risk of homelessness. Other local agencies include a community health centre and local government services. Several specialist service visit from a provincial city about one hour’s drive away. My team also recognises the importance of community development activities, and I represent the office on network groups that include the local schools, a community house, the community health centre and local government.

Sample Draft Solution:

Client Details

Name- Tom Banks and Jenny Banks

Sample Disclaimer

Referral Information

Reason for referral- Tom has been found to ask for assistance for electricity and gas, and for food vouchers, for the second consecutive week in a row. Although Tom has been provided help by the worker, he has been influenced to agree to seek additional help for resolving all major family issues.

Sources of information

Information was obtained through phone calls that were conducted on 27th and 28th of October, followed by a home visit on the 29th of October. Tom and his wife Jenny provided the necessary information for the assignment. In addition, phone calls with the primary school principal, and a woman at the supermarket who lived across the road on 31st October, and with Dr. Jones on 7th November, helped in retrieving necessary information for the biopsychosocial assessment. A visit was also scheduled with the minister Allan Parson on the 8th of November.

Presentation During Assessment

Orientation to Tom- During the home visit, Tom portrayed an unwelcoming attitude and let me in his house. The house appeared in need of a paint. The yard and garden were well kept and tidy. Tom clearly mentioned about his disapproval regarding the welfare service. However, he also said that it was not his intent to disrespect me. He was also confused as to why should he and his family seek help when they have done right things all throughout their life. He also demonstrated irritation about the fact that his wife stopped feeding, looking after herself and caring for the kids, upon learning of the Down’s syndrome. Tom displayed labile affect where there was a clear demonstration of emotional incontinence against his wife and children. This resulted in irritation regarding the house visit for the community welfare service. He also expressed displeasure for Jenny’s family by stating that her parents would take over the family matters if Tom allowed them to interfere. He was also not trustful of others and expressed discontent on his distant relationship with his folks.

Orientation to Jenny- Jenny adopted a welcoming approach in spite of being tired that morning. Jenny manifested persistent low mood and lost all interest in self-care or care for her kids. She even stopped feeding her children. She realised that she sounded like a selfish when she stated about her want for a normal child, like others. Her gestures and facial expression also suggested that she had grown tired of her responsibilities and had also been depressed, following the doctor’s diagnosis of Down’s syndrome. However, she was still hopeful of leading a meaningful and happy life someday, as evident from her statements. She was also afraid of Tom and the aftermath of his discovery about a talk with the GP and the minister at the church.

Personal Information


Age- 36; Christian; from Albury; male; married and having two kids; poor living situation; in want of basic needs and secured housing; no support from either Jenny of Tom’s family, place of living is in mortgage; unemployed; growing dislike towards Jenny and his children; not trusting others; considered life to be pretty good before birth of Christie; abusive towards his wife.


Age- 35; Christian; female, married to Tom; having three kids; third child Sarah diagnosed with Down’s syndrome; poor family situation; gradually deteriorating relationship with Tom; family is supportive but cannot provide help due to Tom’s reluctance and dislike; used to work earlier; presently in a depressed state of mind; apathetic about future; might have been subjected to emotional and physical violence as reported by a woman at the supermarket who heard them arguing and a black eye on Jenny; persistent low mood; want to lead a normal life.

Family History

Tom is from Albury and belongs to a family that is self-reliant. He has 2 older brothers who currently reside in several parts of NSW. He is distant to his biological parents and hardly talks to them, due to their disapproval of Jenny’s family and their son’s place of residence. Jenny’s parents Liz and Dave, are of the local community and have been strong-minded and suspicious. They have been identified by Tom as interfering and inquisitive into the family affairs of their daughter. Tom and Jenny have two daughters Sarah (9 years) and Christie (8 months), and a son Terry (6 years). Christie has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.

One significant life event occurred when Tom left Albury at the age of 18 years due to his want of travelling the country. However, following diagnosis of their third child Christie with Down’s syndrome, Tom left his job and it was impossible to console Jenny. In the initial years of their marriage, Tom and Jenny shared a warm relationship, as stated by Tom. Although Tom said that he had disapproved of Jenny’s mother moving in with them after the birth of Sarah, to take care of her, Jenny occasionally met her parents at the church and went out for lunch once a week with them. However, they could not cope when they learnt that Christie was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. Jenny fell into a heap and no longer participated in the daily activities. This made Sarah, their elder daughter perform most of the tasks, which Tom did not consider appropriate. The recent onset of events has left Tom in an annoyed state of mind and…

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