PUBH 6004 Assignment: Leadership and Effecting Change in Public Health

PUBH 6004 Assignment: Leadership and Effecting Change in Public Health

PUBH 6004 Assignment: Leadership and Effecting Change in Public Health



Learning Outcomes

This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:

1.  Critique theories, styles, approaches and strategies of leadership in public health
2.  Analyse the influence of diversity on leadership (gender, culture, professional discipline and community)
3.  Evaluate personal leadership strengths and areas for improvement through analysis of public health leadership frameworks

In this assignment, you will be provided a scenario (problem) involving a public health leader that you will need to analyse

You will be writing a report in three parts, as follows:

Part 1: Analyse the scenario of the public health leader, presented in the Australian public health context using the Australian Health Leadership Framework

Part 2: Undertake a self?assessment using the Leadership self?assessment tool

Part 3: Imagine yourself to be in the situation. Reflect on your leadership style, its strengths, and apply them to this scenario. How would you have responded to the situation based on the self?evaluation.

PUBH 6004 Assignment: Leadership and Effecting Change in Public Health Sample Draft Solution:


The effective functioning and operating of an organization is determined essentially by the Leadership of the organization. There are several leadership theories that have emerged out of the styles of leaderships followed by different individuals or organizations. The style of the leadership is essentially determined by the position and the policies of the organization and what end results it desires to achieve by the leadership style chosen. It is generally seen that the most effective form of leadership in an organization is the way in which the organizational leaders operate themselves and communicate with the employees of the organization and deliver the message in the most effective manner that will help in improving the productivity of the employee. This particular paper will analyze and understand the case study that has been mentioned, of Mrs Helen. It is seen that she is an extremely efficient and productive General Health Practitioner. There are various complexities associated with Mrs. Helen being chosen as the leader in the public health sector. The paper will endeavor in critically understanding the leadership style of the discussed person Mrs. Helen and then there will be possible suggestive styles that could be embraced by the person so that the outcomes could have been more productive.

Sample Disclaimer

Part 1

A critical analysis of the case study provided delivers a number of points that can be considered to understand the situation as a whole. Mrs. Helen is of 35 years of age, which means she has a good storage of experience that she has gathered till this time of her career. She works as a General Health Practitioner in Warnambool. Warnambool is again in itself an area which is quite rural and is located in the State of Victoria. Mrs. Helen herself was very much efficient iin her service as a health care provider. Therefore she is focused in what she is doing and gets to see success in her endeavors of helping her patients. The main focus of the lady is to provide primary care to the people of the rural region which will help the people in the region to recover from their illness. Helen herself has moved to the region from the urban area of Melbourne, therefore though there were some primary difficulties she could cope because of her determination.

Lately there was a critical problem in the region of Warnambool and the health issues among the people started increasing in the end part of the 2018. Infections rates increased, mortality rates increased as well and the problem was most critically seen among the Children because of very less immunization and not proper sanitation in place. Therefore it was needed by the council of the region that the people living there must go through an awareness program which will increase the immunization and the sanitation. Helen was found to be one of the best candidates to be fulfilling this particular responsibility for which she was nominated as the leader of the health awareness program that was arranged. However there were certain characteristic traits that required the council to rethink their decision, the primary of which was the introvert nature of her, she was perceived as a timid person who was mainly a timid and shy person in social gatherings. In the job role the person required to interact and lead with 10 people who were working under her to conduct the health awareness program successfully.


It is extremely important for an effective leader to be aware about how communication should be made with the people whom he or she is leading. The first idea is to be convincing enough so that there is no problem in getting a particular work to be done. The Australian Government in this regards has formulated the program known as Health LEADS Australia for developing proper leaders in the field of healthcare in Australia. This helps in creation of leaders who are mainly focused on the patients and how to most efficiently take care of them. Helen herself has to critically understand and evaluate her position in the field of healthcare as a leader. Some of the most essential aspects of leadership in a person include, communication skills, convincing power, understanding subordinates, patience, taking responsibility and similar many other traits.

Helen in this particular case has to be aware about the objectives and the possible outcomes of the health awareness program that is planned to be executed by the government in this particular case. The employees engaged on the ground level to make the people aware have to interact with everyone and convince them about the possible preventive measures. Helen herself have to communicate with the people in many cases which is against the nature of her being introvert. She has to herself overcome this trait and freely communicate with the people in order to achieve the desired results.

Leadership in the field of health is also necessary to lead the subordinates in order to give the best treatment to the patients so that there is no carelessness in care giving to the people who require it the most. She will be responsible if there is any problem related to the awareness program and also in the care of the patients who are already treated under her she being a General Health Practitioner. Leaders need to have skills that include multi tasking and solving of complex problems. There will be situations where the employees would be out of ideas and Helen must share her own thought and solve such problems. Training is very essential in leadership. Helen herself may go through a training process which will enhance her leadership skills and make her a better manager, communicator and the servant of the people at large. The employees working under her may also go through training of whatever is required by them. Helen must identify the requirements so that the employees get relevant training.

Part 2

The leadership self-assessment tool focuses completely on the delivery of high quality helathcare services to the patient by complying with the seven aspects of the self-assessment tool (Koh et al., 2013). These aspects are demonstrating personal qualities, working with other personnel, managing different services, improving other services, setting directions for people in the process, creating vision for the process and delivering the strategy (Parris & Peachey, 2013).

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