NUR 405 Week 4 Learning Team Reflection – Childhood Obesity

NUR 405 Week 4 Learning Team Reflection – Childhood Obesity

NUR 405 Week 4 Learning Team Reflection – Childhood Obesity


NUR 405 Week 5 Individual Assignment Health Education plan

Product Description

Resources: Windshield Survey; Community Assessment; Family Assessment; and Assignment Grading Criteria: Health Education Tool Development and Presentation

Modify or create a health education tool that is appropriate for your participating family.

Ensure that your tool achieves the following:

·  Identifies the family’s health and educational needs

·  Establishes educational goals and objectives

·  Uses appropriate educational methods

·  Uses the appropriate language and literacy level

·  Is sensitive to the family’s cultural or religious background

·  Makes use of the types of technology resources available to the family

·  Include all supporting materials (handouts, Internet resources, demonstrations, or sample materials)

Explain how you will deliver your health education tool to the participating family. Address the following:

·  How the tool was selected, modified, or created

·  Why the tool is appropriate for the family

·  How the tool addresses the family’s health needs

·  How the tool relates to the Healthy People 2020 Health Indicators

·  How the tool coordinates with, complements, or replaces community health services

·  If you modified an existing health education tool in any way, provide a reference to the original material.

Prepare a 10-minute presentation of your health education tool. You many use one of the following formats:

·  In class oral presentation

·  Microsoft® PowerPoint® including speaker’s notes

·  Video of yourself presenting the information uploaded to a video sharing website such as (Submit a link to your facilitator)

·  Another format approved by your facilitator

Note. You will not actually deliver this health education tool to the participating family. The tool is developed and presented only to your classmates and facilitator.

Submit the following with your assignment:

·  Clinical Log for time spent conducting research for the Health Education Tool

·  Health Education Tool and any supporting materials

·  Presentation method


NUR 405 Week 6 Individual Assignment Persuasive Letter

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Resources: Completed Data Compilation and Assignment Grading Criteria: Persuasive Letter

Write a 750- to 1,000-word persuasive letter to an appropriate health care agency. In your letter, describe some specific health care resources that are needed in the participating family’s community and how this agency might address these needs.

Address the following points in your letter:

·  Explain the importance of advocacy in the field of nursing.

·  Explain why you chose to contact this agency.

·  Explain how the participating family’s health needs represent greater community health and environmental issues.

·  Summarize the issue and specify how this agency can address the health education and health care provision needs of the community.

·  Refer to the data you compiled to support your assertion.

·  Relate the issue to a global health initiative from a prominent health care organization, such as United Nations, World Health Organization, or Sigma Theta Tau International.

·  Attach your data compilation table as an appendix of supporting information to the Persuasive Letter.

Format your letter consistent with APA guidelines for formal letter writing.

Submit the following with your assignment:

·  Clinical Log for time spent compiling data

·  Data Compilation as an Appendix

NUR 405 Week 7 Team Assignment State Health Department Proposal

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Resource: Assignment Grading Criteria: Watson Job-Aid and Reflection

Create a job-aid such as a matrix, brochure, video, or podcast for colleagues in your current nursing practice that emphasizes caring relationships and evidence-based practice.

 Include the following components in the job-aid:

·  One Healthy People 2020 Health Indicator that is relevant to your community

·  Explanation or demonstration on how evidence-based research and practice should improve the delivery of health care in the community as it relates to the indicator

·  Explanation or discussion on how elements of Watson’s theory of caring should influence health care delivery in the community as it related to the indicator

Write a 350- to 700-word reflection on the job-aid in which you explain the following:

·  How evidence-based research should guide the ability to deliver health care in the community

·  How a health care issue in one’s local community relate to global health care issues

·  How global issues relate to local community health care delivery challenges

·  How the concept of advocacy influences community nursing practice

·  The future trends in this community

Format your reflection consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit the Job-Aid and Reflection as instructed by your facilitator.