NURS 3100 Week 1 Discussion latest – Walden

NURS 3100 Week 1 Discussion latest – Walden

NURS 3100 Week 1 Discussion latest – Walden

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As an ER nurse, I have seen a lot of issues arise in patient safety. One issue is the amount of people that come into the emergency room with non- emergent cases.  Since the Affordable Care Act came into play, I don’t think that they really prepared for what was going to happen to … 

NURS 3100 Week 1 Discussion latest – Walden


NURS 3001 Week 2 Discussion (Walden)

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Issues in the Workplace-Mandatory Overtime

The topic and the term of mandatory overtime for nurses is one that has been tiptoed …

Addressing the Issue

Several nursing organizations including the American Nursing Association (ANA), …

Personal Experience

As a former manager, I can say that no upper lever VP wants to hear about overtime. …


NURS 3001 Week 3 Discussion (Walden)

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Professional Practice Models and their Impact on Nursing

Currently I am employed by two facilities. One is a major Magnet designated facility and …

The Research on Magnet Status

Since the inception of the idea of magnetism, organizations have worked to create the …

Nurse Retention and Magnet Status

There are positive and negative aspects of magnet status in certain facilities. What …


NURS 3001 Week 4 Discussion (Walden)

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The Changing Face of Nursing Practice

The Changing Face of Nursing Practice

Nursing Education as it currently stands cannot support the demand for nurses needed …

ADN vs BSN: Changing Nursing Education

The two year-nursing degree typically takes more than two years. Having completed all my …

Why Go Back to School?

Recent focus has been on looking at the number of ADN and BSN prepared nurses and the …

My Motivation for Change

Previously, I have completed a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Anthropology and an …


NURS 3100 Week 4 Discussion 1 (Walden)

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Nursing can be a struggle at times, especially when not working with a good team of people.  The team that us nurses must learn to lead, collaborate, and understand, is made up of the doctors, other nurses, nurses aids/er techs, physician assistants, LVNs, medical assistants, and …

NURS 3100 Week 4 Assignment (Walden)

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Prevention Quality Indicators

NURS 3100 Section 01, Issues and Trends

Prevention Quality Indicators

The core of any government is to give its citizens quality and affordable health care. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) developed some quality indicators that help assess the quality of Health care services given in the country (AHRQ, 2011). Prevention …

NURS 3001 Week 4 Magnet Programs (Walden)

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Magnet Nursing: An Overview

Magnet programs were originally designed to foster and reward improvements in both …

How Does Magnet Status Drive Health Care Change in Institutions?

Since the inception of the idea of magnetism, organizations have worked to create the type …


NURS 3001 Week 5 Discussion (Walden)

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American Nurses Association

The American Nursing Association (ANA) is the single largest nursing organization in the …

NA: Contribution and Impact on Nursing and Healthcare

Perhaps the single most significant impact of the ANA has been the creation of the …

Nursing Practice: The influence of Collective Bargaining Units vs. Professional Organizations

Nursing has always been an ethically driven service industry. Most nurses have fairly …

NURS 3100 Week 5 Discussion (Walden)

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One of the biggest issues in the hospital is the readmission and death rates after leaving thehospital within 30 days of being discharged for pneumonia, copd, stroke, heart failure.  I looked on the Medicare database for my hospital, Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Fontana. Per this database, the readmissions rates were no different than the national average, as well as the death rates.

NURS 3001 Application Week 5 Legal Ethics-Overtime (Walden)

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Legal and Ethical Issues Related to the Workplace: The Practice of Mandatory Overtime

Mandatory Overtime for Nurses

The topic and of mandatory overtime for nurses is one that has been debated for years by …

Employment Law

In order to understand the employee rights in situations where overtime is required, we …

The Kentucky Board of Nursing and Mandatory Overtime

Kentucky is an employment at will state. The Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) doesn’t ….

How Nursing Organizations are Addressing Compulsory Overtime

Several nursing organizations including the American Nursing Association (ANA), …

From the Front Lines

As a staff nurse in the ER, working full-time, the requirements are six, twelve-hour shifts …

NURS 3001 Week 6 Discussion 2 (Walden)

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Genetics and Genomics

Every day during the admission of a patient, we ask them numerous questions about …

Incorporating Genomics into Practice

The sheer volumes of information clinical nurses require completing their daily job …

Genomics and Assessment

Nearly all nurses will agree a key component of patient assessment is patient and family …

NURS 3001 Week 6 The Scholar Practitioner and Social Change (Walden)

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The Scholar Practitioner and Social Change

The nursing occupation consists of professional expert practice that requires the …

Social Responsibility: Expansion of Nursing and Healthcare

Changes in healthcare and the patient population have resulted in large numbers of patients …

NURS 3100 Week 6 Reflection Paper (Walden)

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I can’t believe this class is already over and how much we have learned! Looking back on when I first started, I had hoped to learn and understand statistics and how to apply it to my everyday life. I remember reading the first chapters and how different polls are taken and the margin of error, and how that affects the polls. I found this to be especially interesting …

NURS 3100 Final Paper (Walden)

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Patient Safety Measures

NURS 3100 Week 6, Issues and Trends

Patient Safety Measures

There are many quality control indicators that are in place to ensure patient safety, and overall better outcome, when they are admitted into the hospital. These quality indicators are a preventative measure for our patients when in our care.  One quality indicator that is very important in the hospital setting, is patient safety measures.  The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader about why we have quality indicators for patient safety measures, and how it became important.