NURS 6051 Week 5 Discussion – Walden

NURS 6051 Week 5 Discussion – Walden

NURS 6051 Week 5 Discussion – Walden


Analysis of Two Sleep Apnea Studies

Study one

   The first study is a case report in 2013 by Kumar, Camacho, and Capasso. The question being addressed in the study is a quantitative assessment of an obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patient’s symptoms post tracheostomy. According to Polit and Beck, the strongest design for such a study …

Second Study

   Lacedonia et al. performed a quasi-experimental study on the effect of OSA on mitochondrial DNA in 2015. The authors used the nonequivalent control group, posttest-only design. The …

Choosing an Inappropriate Design for a Research Study

   The entire purpose of research is to be able to gather data to support a hypothesis or inference. …

NURS 6051 Week 5 Discussion – Walden


NURS 6051 Week 6 Assignment (Walden)


Preparing Nurses for EHR Implementation

Walden University

NURS 6051

Preparing Nurses for EHR Implementation

Nurses as Resistant to Change

NURS 6051 Week 7 Discussion (Walden)


Three Workflow Concepts

One of the hospitals I got trained for by my agency company can definitely need some help in analyzing their workflow and IT use. When I trained there for two days, it would often

Usability Evaluation

A usability evaluation can highlight how NOT “user-friendly” the current system is at this


​Benchmarking by this facility would mean evaluating metrics and best practices from the


​Straightforward and direct, interviews can be utilized to assess how the staff feels about

Research Article

The article to be covered is The Kaiser Permanente electronic health record:

Importance of Monitoring Effect of Technology

It is my understanding, the hospital in question implemented the current EHR just to be in

NURS 6051 Week 7 Response (Walden)



Good day,.

​Thank you for your contribution to our weekly discussion. I agree with you when you state the importance of workflow. Particularly the disruption of the electronic workflow when …

RESPONSE 2 WEEK 7 posted fri

Good day,.

​Thank you for your interesting post. I completely agree with you when you state the importance of efficient nurse workflow. Too often, technology and innovation can often add to …

NURS 6051 Week 8 Discussion (Walden)


Practice Issue

The practice issue to be discussed in this paper is the use of needleless systems by nurses in the ICU. As a travel nurse across the south, I saw a significant disparity in different hospitals ….

Health IT Supporting Evidenced-Based Practice

As mentioned in this week’s reading assignment, gone are the days when nurses were dependent on local libraries and monthly journals. With the advent of the internet and the on-…

NURS 6051 Week 8 Assignment (Walden)


A Workflow Process for Call Light Management

Walden University

A Workflow Process for Call Light Management

Patient survey reports show that my unit struggles with our call light process, as this is a 

Current Method

Our call light system allows for multiple, consecutive calls at a time, and sometimes it can be tough to answer and relay information promptly to the appropriate personnel.  Usually, …

Measuring Tool




NURS 6051 Week 8 Response (Walden)



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​Thank you for your contribution to this week’s discussion. I completely agree with you on your point about 12-hour shift. Yes, they may be tiring those last 4 hours, but at least you get …


Good day,

Thank you for your interesting contribution to this week’s discussion. As an ICU nurse, I had not heard about HOUDINI before your writing of it. While researching the topic, it was great to see …

NURS 6051 Week 9 Discussion (Walden)


Impact of HITECH on My Organization

​Overall, the impact of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health ACT of 2009 has been very positive at my current facility. The electronic health record …

Impact of Incentives and Meaningful Use

​As listed above, meaningful use incentives are geared towards meeting the goals of …

Article of Successful Meaningful Use

One of the pivotal goals in meaningful use is decrease in medication errors. Nuckkols et al. wrote …

NURS 6051 Week 10 Discussion (Walden)


RN PHI Responsibility

​According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), protecting a patient’s …

PHI and Portable Devices recommends NOT using portable storage devices to transport PHI due to the …

My Facility and PHI

   University Hospital is a Magnet hospital, and it prides itself on using the best evidence-based …

NURS 6051 Week 10 Response (Walden)


Good day,.

Thank you for your contribution to our discussion this week. It was interesting to hear the …


Good day,

Thank you for your interesting input on passwords and EHR security. Interestingly, Smith …

NURS 6051 Week 11 Discussion (Walden)


Health Literacy Responsibility

​According to the U. S. Department of Health and Services (HSS), all public health care …

Patient Resource to Evaluate Information

​One of the best online resources for both patients and health care professionals is the …

Additional Strategies

​According to a 2016 Gallup poll, nurses are once again seen as the most trusted and …

NURS 6051 Week 11 Assignment (Walden)


 Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum

ata/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum

   As a registered nurse (RN), working in an intensive critical care unit (ICU) is seen as the zenith of clinical skills and knowledge. Every day, you are continuously faced with critical decisions

Clinical Question

   Will obtaining the CCRN certificate lead to nurses in the ICU obtaining more critical care knowledge that can lead to wisdom in their role as a nurse?

Data and Information

   The American Nurses Association (ANA) define data as “discrete entities that are described

CCRN Search

Knowledge on the CCRN

Transforming CCRN knowledge to Critical Care Wisdom

NURS 6051 Week 11 FINAL PAPER (Walden)


A Patient Guide for Clostridium difficile

Walden University:  Nursing 6051, Section 9

A Patient Guide for Clostridium difficile 

Clostridium difficile has been found to be the main cause of gastrointestinal-related death …

Health Literacy Promotion Among Patients

The attached brochure was created for the sake of increasing health literacy and …


Since C. diff has the potential to kill or significantly disturb the health of patients, it is ...