Nurs 6052 -Week 7 Assignment Solution

Nurs 6052 -Week 7 Assignment Solution

Nurs 6052 -Week 7 Assignment Solution

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According to( Laureate Education,2013), qualitative research provides a medium in which rich
information can be obtained. The focus of quantitative research evaluates an inquiry from the
views and realities of the participants who have experienced the concept of interest. (Polit &
Beck,2017).There are several characteristics for qualitative study design which include flexibility
(the ability to adjust to new information as data is collected, triangulation(merger of many data
collection strategies), holistic(aimed at understanding the whole picture), intense involvement of
the researcher and ongoing data analysis(Polit & Beck,2017).In this discussion, I examine a
qualitative research article, determining the research that was used, evaluate the appropriateness

of the design and ethical issues. Nurs 6052 -Week 7 Assignment Solution.


An article by Iccha Basnyat on 2015 about structural violence in Healthcare. This article
describes the structural violence as a social limitation to access to resources. The commercial sex
workers in Kathmandu, Nepal has limited access to healthcare. This limitation is common to
women in Nepal particularly those who no longer married or separated. The study chose 35
women who are without a husband for various reasons(death, divorce, divorce). The decision to
become sex workers to take care of their children. In the thematic study analysis was utilized to
find patterns within the data. The data identified consists of social stigma as a sex worker,
limited access to health care, and feeling that sex work is the only option they have for
employment. The women are over risking her health means to provide for their children.
Ostracising this stigma can help women that are in a harsh predicament.
Appropriateness of the research
Polit and Beck defined thematic narrative analysis as the researcher keeping each participants
entry as a whole without fragmenting it (2017). The author had participants describe their
experience in their own words, transcribed the meeting into English with an interpreter, analysed
the data for similarities and reviewed the data with the participants to ensure it was reflective of
their experience.NURS 6052 Week (1-11) – Essentials of Evidence-Based Practice Essay.

Ethical issues

In this study, Basnyat directly addressed ethical consideration. She received approval from her
university institutional review board, a letter authorizing her utilization of the clinic for data
collection and obtain informed consent from all participants.the right f confidentiality provided
to each participant and has the right to withdraw from the study at any time. During the
research,t have compensated the equivalent of 2 U.S dollars.
In this weeks media presentation, Dr. Mauk describes qualitative research as richness in data that
is not easily obtained through quantification. The themes in the study on how society views
social workers, how sex workers felt about themselves, and their situation. This helped to collect
data, and there could be a quantitative analysis of how many felt stigmatized or numerical data
on what percentage had children to support. Moreover, the data can provide us with a
quantitative analysis of how effective a treatment is in curing a disease. A qualitative study gives
us insight in that participants may not participate in the treatment due to it being against their
culture, painful, or other aberrant characteristics. Nurs 6052 -Week 7 Assignment Solution.