NURS 6053 Week 2 Assignment: Systems Theory Application

NURS 6053 Week 2 Assignment: Systems Theory Application

NURS 6053 Week 2 Assignment: Systems Theory Application

Essay assignments: NURS 6053 Interprofessional Organizational & Systems Leadership Paper

Assignment: Application: Systems Theory

As noted in the Learning Resources, systems theory provides a meaningful and beneficial means of examining challenges in health care organizations. To do this effectively, however, it is essential to assess all system components, as some may be relatively healthy while others are problematic.

For this Assignment, you apply systems theory to the examination of a problem in a department or a unit within a health care organization. (Note: You may use the same problem you identified for the Discussion as long as it meets the criteria for this Essay assignments: NURS 6053 Interprofessional Organizational & Systems Leadership assignment.) NURS 6053 Week 2 Assignment: Systems Theory Application.


To prepare:

  • Review the Meyer article, “Nursing Services Delivery Theory: An Open System Approach,” in this week’s Learning Resources. Focus especially on the information presented in Table 1 (p. 2831) and Figure 2 (p. 2833).
  • Reflect on your organization or one with which you are familiar. Within a particular department or unit in this organization, identify a problem the staff is encountering
  • Using Table 1 in the Meyer article as a guide, analyze the department or unit, identifying inputs, throughput, output, cycles of events, and negative feedback. Consider whether the problem you have selected relates to input, throughput, output, cycles of events, and/or negative feedback.
  • Think about how you could address the problem: Consider what a desired outcome would be, then formulate related goals and objectives, and translate those goals into policies and procedures. NURS 6053 Week 2 Assignment: Systems Theory Application.
  • Research professional standards that are pertinent to your identified problem.
  • Reflect on the organization’s mission statement and values. In addition, consider how addressing this problem would uphold the mission and values, while improving the organizational culture and climate. (Depending on the organization you have selected, you may have explored these in the Week 1 Discussion.). Essay assignments: NURS 6053 Interprofessional Organizational & Systems Leadership PaperTo complete:
  • By Day 7Write a 3- to 5-page Essay assignments (page count does not include title and reference page) that addresses the following:
    • Describe a department or unit within a health care organization using systems theory terminology. Include a description of inputs, throughput, output, cycles of events, and negative feedback.
    • Describe the problem you identified within the department or unit using an open- systems approach, and state where the problem exists using the systems theory model (input, throughput, output, cycles of events, or negative feedback).
    • Based on this information, explain how you would address the problem as follows:
    • Formulate a desired outcome.
    • Identify goals and objectives that would facilitate that outcome.
    • Translate those goals and objectives into policies and procedures for the department or unit.
    • Describe relevant professional standards. Essay assignments
    • Explain how your proposed resolution to the problem would uphold the organization’s mission and values and improve the culture and climate.

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Required Readings

Marshall, E., & Broome, M. (2017). Transformational leadership in nursing: From expert clinician to influential leader (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.
Chapter 2, “Understanding Contexts for Transformational Leadership: Complexity, Change, and Strategic Planning” (pp. 37–62) NURS 6053 Week 2 Assignment.
Chapter 3, “Current Challenges in Complex Health Care Organizations: The Triple Aim” (pp. 63–86)
Read any TWO of the following (plus TWO additional readings on your selected issue):
Auerbach, D. I., Staiger, D. O., & Buerhaus, P. I. (2018). Growing ranks of advanced practice clinicians—Implications for the physician workforce. New England Journal of Medicine, 378(25), 2358–2360. doi:10.1056/NEJMp1801869

Interprofessional Organizational and Systems Leadership

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Technological interruption is one of the current medical issues that need to be addressed to ensure that patients receive the best quality healthcare. Digital therapeutics have caused substantial changes and reshaping in the life sciences industry. The discipline uses technology to replace or augment active drugs in the treatment of diseases. Therefore, this has brought a lot of changes in the reimbursement of products, reshaping of new medications and the regulation of drugs. As a result, healthcare centers are required to adopt payment models and data sharing processes to integrate digital therapeutics.

Organizations have not adopted the use of such technologies, and therefore, the digital therapeutics becomes a challenge in the case whereby an organization is using the traditional data recording method. In addition, organizations will require new payment models in order to take advantage of the real-world data of connecting patients and providers (Park, Gold, Bazemore & Liaw, 2018). These models are costly hence making it difficult for most organizations to keep up with the technological advancements. NURS 6053 Week 2 Assignment: Systems Theory Application. The use of technology in the medical field has resulted to an overall improvement of health, and hence, ways have to be designed to eradicate the challenges that it brings about.

Such improvements in technology might impact my work setting negatively hence making it a challenge to deliver the desired quality of healthcare. For instance, the use of certain equipment would require particular expertise which most of the physicians were not taught in medical school. As well, the augmenting or replacing of active drugs has become a

Assignment: Change Implementation and Management Plan

It is one of the most cliché of clichés, but it nevertheless rings true: The only constant is change. As a nursing professional, you are no doubt aware that success in the healthcare field requires the ability to adapt to change, as the pace of change in healthcare may be without rival.

As a professional, you will be called upon to share expertise, inform, educate, and advocate. Your efforts in these areas can help lead others through change. In this Assignment, you will propose a change within your organization and present a comprehensive plan to implement the change you propose. NURS 6053 Week 2 Assignment.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources and identify one change that you believe is called for in your organization/workplace.
    • This may be a change necessary to effectively address one or more of the issues you addressed in the Workplace Environment Assessment you submitted in Module 4. It may also be a change in response to something not addressed in your previous efforts. It may be beneficial to discuss your ideas with your organizational leadership and/or colleagues to help identify and vet these ideas.
  • Reflect on how you might implement this change and how you might communicate this change to organizational leadership.

The Assignment (5-6-minute PowerPoint presentation):

Change Implementation and Management Plan

Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation of 5 or 6 slides with video that presents a comprehensive plan to implement the change you propose.

Your presentation should be 5–6 minutes in length and should include a video with you as presenter.

Your Change Implementation and Management Plan should include the following:

  • An executive summary of the issues that are currently affecting your organization/workplace (This can include the work you completed in your Workplace Environment Assessment previously submitted, if relevant.)
  • A description of the change being proposed
  • Justifications for the change, including why addressing it will have a positive impact on your organization/workplace
  • Details about the type and scope of the proposed change
  • Identification of the stakeholders impacted by the change
  • Identification of a change management team (by title/role)
  • A plan for communicating the change you propose
  • A description of risk mitigation plans you would recommend to address the risks anticipated by the change you propose.