NURS 6053 Week 4 Assignment: The Admissions Process

NURS 6053 Week 4 Assignment: The Admissions Process

NURS 6053 Week 4 Assignment: The Admissions Process


The Admissions Process:  A Team Approach


Proposed Solution

Mission, Vision, and Values

Change Model



Assignment: The Admissions Process ASSIGNMENT

NURS 6053 Week 4 Discussion (Walden)


Week 4 Discussion

Workplace Change



NURS 6053 Week 4 Assignment Planned Change (Walden)


NURS 6053: Interprofessional, Organizational, and Systems Leadership

  • Planned Change
  • The Problem
  • The Change
  • Maintaining Mission, Values, and Goals
  • Change Model
  • Conclusion
  • References

NURS 6053 Week 5 Discussion (Walden)


In this discussion board information that we have reviewed in this week’s reading will be addressed and discussed and reflected upon in real life experiences.  The four stages of group formation will be discussed and how they directly reflect how changes occur in real life practice at The Detroit Medical Center.  Group building is a difficult role, and there are barriers that will appear, and with the proper group, dynamics barriers can be addressed and resolved.  

NURS 6053 Week 7 Discussion (Walden)


Week 7 Discussion


Communication is key in healthcare. Communication begins when two or more people are aware of each other’s presence (Marquis & Huston, 2015). This can either be verbal or nonverbal. Effective communication can increase quality patient care when ineffective communication can hinder quality patient care.


Communication Barrier

Effective Communication Strategy

NURS 6053 Week 8 Discussion (Walden)


As we speak of nursing leaders in today’s healthcare world, it seems that many use the word either leader or manager but hardly ever the two in the same sentence.  Many nurse …

NURS 6053 Week 9 Discussion (Walden)


This week’s discussion has asked the student to evaluate a leader that they currently work with, or has worked with or admired in the past.  These leaders can be influential in one way or another, not always in a positive manner.  Many leaders have established their style of leading some have qualities that do not fit their style into just one mold.  Many leaders have efficiently and effectively adopted multiple styles to lead their staff effectively.

NURS 6053 Week 10 Assignment (Walden)


Ethical Dilemma

Moral, legal, and ethical implications of nursing practice inherent in the values of …

Ethical Frameworks

Ethical frameworks provide a guideline for solving a dilemma (Marquis & Huston, …

Ethical, Moral & Legal Dilemma

When I graduated from nursing I became a new nurse in the NICU that I had been a PTC …

Ethical, Moral & Legal Implications Utilized

The legal implications of this situation was that physician was obligated to treat and care for the …

Advocate Role

In this example, the patient was at the center of the care that was given. However, the …

Leadership Style Provides a Barrier or Facilitates 

According to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, I am an artisan (2017).  An artisan has a …


​Nurses can encounter problems that put them in an ethical or moral dilemma. Each …

NURS 6053 Week 11 Discussion (Walden)


Conflict is a difficult situation no matter how it occurs or how much we do not want it to happen.  Even with the best leaders, there will continue to be an evolving cycle of negotiations and diffuse stressful situations.  As a manager of two surgical units, the day to day operations continues to be a constant battle of negotiations, but the crucial piece to this is to adequately understand how or why the conflict started or its origin (Marquis & Huston, 2015).  So what is the key to keeping the peace?  Is there a simple solution to this ongoing issue that has been around for decades?  The answer is no in plain language.  Each situation or occurrence must be addressed in individualized cases but developing a framework of how to deal and will aid in reaching an optimal goal in resolving your conflict…

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