SF 006 Walden University Company Selection and Approval Paper

SF 006 Walden University Company Selection and Approval Paper

SF 006 Walden University Company Selection and Approval Paper

Think of yourself as a paid consultant who has been hired to: diagnose long-term and/or cross-functional problems in organizational performance, identify long-term opportunities, and recommend solutions and strategic pathways to improve long-term organizational health.

Keep in mind that as a consultant your opinion doesn’t matter. Your fee is based on an integrated, documented, and strong analysis that offers recommendations based on the application of relevant information.


It is important that you put together a cogent, clear analysis that can help you explain the root causes of the problems and propose solutions, using concepts from the documents provided and other relevant concepts based on the knowledge you reference to support your arguments.

Follow the steps below to create your “Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results.”


The first step in creating your strategy playbook is to select an appropriate company or organization for your study. You must select a publicly traded company that has more than 100 employees. Ideally, you should select an organization that you are very familiar with and/or very passionate about.

  • Review the “Capstone Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results: Description” and “Strategy Playbook Organizational Selection Process Flowchart” documents. These documents present a general description of the strategy playbook and review the process and limitations for selecting a company or organization to analyze for you strategy playbook.
  • Consider the following suggestions when selecting the company:
    • You may want to study your current organization if it is publicly traded. (All names of people would be disguised.)
    • You may want to study a direct competitor of your current company that is publicly traded, and apply lessons learned as appropriate.
    • You may want to study an exemplary company where you could use your analysis to model a new business start-up you are considering.
    • You may want to study a failing company, and analyze what you think are the root causes of the failure and offer strategies for an effective turn-around.
  • Be sure to choose an organization/industry that you are genuinely interested in and will commit to studying. Remember, it is likely that no one company or organization will be a perfect selection. So, log into the Walden Library and explore what information is available about your target company. (Note: You have done work finding and analyzing annual reports earlier in the program, so you can start there if you are planning to study a publicly traded company.)
  • There are a variety of databases and resources available that can help you with your research. Explore them to find the most effective ones. Since you are working with a public company, the Hoovers database is a good place to start. Remember that research and information literacy are two important MBA program level skills that you are expected to demonstrate.

Write a summary of your selection as follows:

  • Identify the company that you will study and explain how it meets the criteria provided above, and why you think you will learn the most from it, and have the most fun analyzing it.
  • Confirm that you have access to annual reports and other information about the company at the Hoover’s, Business Source Complete, or other relevant source within the Walden Library.

Your summary should be approximately 200 words in length.