Walden University Wk2 Children Social Work Discussion Responses

Walden University Wk2 Children Social Work Discussion Responses

Walden University Wk2 Children Social Work Discussion Responses

Respond to two of your colleague’s postings in one or more of the following ways:

  • Ask a probing question.
  • Share an insight gained from having read your colleague’s posting.
  • Offer and support an opinion.
  • Make a suggestion.
  • Expand on your colleague’s posting.


DB 1


Social Media

Social media is a big part of youth culture. A 2018 Pew research center survey of nearly 750 13-17 years old found that 45% are online mostly constantly and 97% use a social media platform, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. (Mayo Clinic, 2019) This article shows how youth is spending a lot of time on social media. This is where they spend the majority of their time therefore it can expose them to see things that can benefit them but also harm them.

Explain two core cultural messages:

Two messages that the article shows are that social media can help youth that is going through a difficult time. It can make them feel included and feel as they belong. Social media can help people form relationships with one another and make friends. This can be helpful for youth that is being excluded. It also shows that social media can cause false illusions of someone’s life to youth. At times social media only shows people how well other people have it. This can cause youth to want to be like social media influencers that they follow. It may cause them to compare themselves to others and feel as they are not good enough.

Explain how the core message can positively and negatively impact a child or adolescent:

If a youth is exploring social media it can help them build relationships and find friends. This can be beneficial for youth that is having trouble making relationships. A negative impact it can have is that it can mislead the youth and have them compare to other people’s life. This can cause issues with their self-esteem at times as well as mental health. If a youth constantly compares to someone online it can make them feel as they are not good enough.

Explain how an understanding of contemporary youth culture may help you be an effective clinician:

If you can understand what children and adolescents are going through it can help you have a better relationship with a client. This is why you must do research with the clients that you work with and ensure that you are aware of what is impacting their daily lives. If a social worker is familiar with certain topics with children and youth it may help the client feel more comfortable.


Mayo Clinic, 2019: retrieved from: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/tween-and-teen-health/in-depth/teens-and-social-media-use/art-20474437#:~:text=Social%20media%20harms,much%20social%20media%20teens%20use.

DB 2


Main Question Post

Post a brief description of the magazine, news article, or contemporary item you selected.

I am completing my discussion post on the recent Instagram interview with Mrs. Michelle Obama and professional NBA star Dwyane Wade’s daughter Zaya Wade. Mrs. Michelle Obama interviewed Zaya Wade due to her book Becoming. The book Becoming released a new version for young adults and children. I enjoyed the interview as Mrs. Michelle Obama complimented Zaya on embracing her truth as a transgender person. Mrs. Obama detailed the importance of embracing your truth. Zaya Wade recently went through media bullying and harassment as she started to disclose her transitioning as a female. NBA star Dwyane Wade received backlash in his support of his daughter. In the interview, Mrs. Obama praised Zaya for embracing her truth. Mrs. Obama detailed the importance for children, adolescents, and young adults to experience and do things that’s not within their comfort zone. Mrs. Obama conveyed the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone require you to interact with people you don’t think you would on average and do things that you’re not comfortable with because it’s in those moments you identify yourself. “I want young people to practice embracing the new because I don’t want them ever to feel stuck in their lives, and I think that you are the kind of individual that will never feel stuck(Michelle Obama, 2021).”

Explain two core cultural messages communicated through the magazine, news article, or contemporary item.

Core cultural message communicated through the interview is the importance of belonging to a positive peer group. Positive and caring relationships with other people are the core of the human experience( Laursen, W.K. 2014). In the interview, Mrs. Obama and Zaya shared their advice on navigating different versions of yourself. One way of learning a different version of yourself is to engage in positive relationships with peers, adults, and parents. Through these relationships, children and adolescents can identify trust, respect, care, and concern for others. The second cultural message displayed through the interview is the importance of empowerment. According to Laursen, youth need the opportunity to develop confidence in their capacity to influence their lives socially, intellectually, spiritually, economically, and politically.

Explain how one way these core messages could positively affect a child or adolescent.

Empowerment can be displayed utilizing the PPC(Positive Peer Culture). The PPC model is designed to improve social competence and cultivate strengths(Laursen, W.K. 2014 ). Zaya uses her personal life experience as a platform to help others her age. All humans have an innate need to belong(Laursen, W.K. 2014). Children have a more challenging time embracing their truth as social media and society deen “It’s wrong.” Children are fearful of coming out as LGBTQ as this is not considered “Right,”

Explain one way it could negatively affect a child or adolescent and how.

Being identified as LGBTQ is a controversial topic. Some backlash received for NBA star Wade is his willingness to embrace and allow a child to become transgender. Critics detailed children are still developing and uncertain of sexuality. Mr. Wade was criticized for allowing his daughter to embrace herself at a young age.

Explain how your understanding of contemporary youth culture may help you be a practical child and adolescent clinician.

As a single mother of a 10-year old male, I find it challenging many times. Parenting styles are different. As a Social Worker, I see myself removing my “momma” hat and approaching the situation from a “social workers” hat. PPC believes in young people’s potential in all areas of life(Laursen, W.K. 2014). Children’s everyday challenges provide opportunities to explore one’s behavior, thinking, and feelings(Laursen, W.K. 2014). I find allowing my son to be involved in the decision of his rewards and punishment. Positive interpersonal relationships foster cortex development, which manages emotional regulation(Laursen, W.K. 2014).


Brisco, Ellse.(March 5, 2021). Michelle Obama praises Dwyane Wade’s daughter Zaya for embracing your truth. USA Today. Retrieved March 9, 2021, from https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2021/03/05/michelle-obama-dwyane-wade-daughter-zaya-wade-talk-becoming/4591171001

Laursen, Erik.K. (2014). Respectful Youth Cultures. Reclaiming children and youth. 22(4). 48-52