Critique E-patient Engagement Using Mind Map

Critique E-patient Engagement Using Mind Map

Critique E-patient Engagement Using Mind Map

For your Reference list – number your references then note that number next to the items in the map (do this for all Mind Maps). References should be numbered and listed together in a text box or comment field.


2. Follow the PD#2 rubric for the map themes

  • Center concept is ePatient Engagement
  • Direct line from center concept to three (3) different patient engagement technologies used at your practicum site
  • Subcategories of each technology should include how it is used, features/functions & data that could be collected (should have references noted by number on your reference list)
  • Benefits/Challenges with subcategories patient, provider, organization (should have references noted by number on reference list). Can do direct from center concept (all technologies) or a by each technology as a subcategory – your choice
  • DNP Role-this can be a SHORT narrative in a text box, bullet points in float concept or bullet points from the center concept (should have references noted by number on reference

Please see attached rubric



DELIVERABLES CRITERIA AND RUBRIC Overview: Healthcare organizations now offer internet resources for potential and current patients in the form of education, support groups, social media, links to a patient portal and other Web 3.0/Health 3.0 applications. The advent of mobile health devices and mHealth applications provides opportunities for patient generated data collection both internal and external to hospitals and other patient care facilities. • • • • • Explore e-patient engagement activities in your organization or applicable to your practice area. Critique strengths/weaknesses of patient engagement technologies to include application of the DIKW model. Investigate a variety of medical devices in your patient care setting, what they do, the purpose, how they work, and the D-I-K-W that is generated. Examine use of social media in