PU Improving Discharge Procedures and Barriers to Reduce Poor Care Quality Discussion

PU Improving Discharge Procedures and Barriers to Reduce Poor Care Quality Discussion

PU Improving Discharge Procedures and Barriers to Reduce Poor Care Quality Discussion

Evaluate outcomes of the DNP Project by using practice and systems level thinking.

Describe any barriers or challenges you have encountered in the process of implementing your project. Discuss:



  • Were the barriers or challenges unforeseen or did you anticipate that they might be issues? (Talk about how covid19 affected project)
  • Discuss the root cause of the barriers or challenges. (Low census on regular patients in the ED) (unable to obtain accurate results after project implementation due to this low census) (freestanding ED was converted into a testing for covid19 site and project implementation was delayed)
  • What workaround approach or solution did you plan to use if the barrier or challenge was anticipated? What workaround approaches or solutions were effective? (Waited for covid19 to clear up a little) (Zoom meetings were use to train healthcare staff on project implementation instead the classic way in person classroom) (distributed printed material and explained material to each staff in person by appointment following cdc covid19 guidelines) etc.
  • What have you learned as a result of encountering the barrier or challenge? ( I learned that we can work anything around each challenge we just have to look for the options and get an action plan together and make it work without quitting just because a little stone in the middle of the road) etc…

For this Assignment you will create a Microsoft Word document that:

  • is 6 pages in length (excluding title and references)
  • is supported with a minimum of seven scholarly peer review sources from 2017-2020
  • follows the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
  • is well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
  • displays superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and;
  • uses APA formatting and citation style.



Running head: IMPROVING DISCHARGE PROCEDURES Improving Discharge Procedures to Reduce Unnecessary Emergency Department Return Visits IMPROVING DISCHARGE PROCEDURES 1 Abstract Unnecessary return visits to the emergency department (ED) has prevailed as a critical problem for patients, healthcare workers, and healthcare providers. While the hospitals might spend a significant amount of money and resources in caring for patients who return to the ED, patients often accrue increasing costs of healthcare. To address this issue, this project explores the implementation of a discharge tool that will help medical staff to better communicate with the patients resulting in patients’ better understanding of the discharge